Julian Assange’s father to receive award on behalf of his son

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Julian Assange’s father is to receive an award on behalf of his son on 28 September, after launching a fresh attack on the continued imprisonment of the WikiLeaks founder.

John Shipton said Assange was still being kept in solitary confinement for up to 23 hours a day at top security Belmarsh prison in London, even though he was due to be released earlier this month.

He had served time for a bail violation after he was dragged out of the Ecuadorian embassy in London, where he lived for almost seven years as he fought moves to extradite him to the US.

Assange now faces a US extradition hearing next February.

Shipton said the treatment of his son was “sordid and hysterical”, adding that his health was deteriorating.

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In an interview with PA, he said it was “extraordinary” that his son was being kept in such harsh prison conditions, especially as a United Nations special rapporteur on torture has called for his release.

“The only people who are breaking the law are the UK Government and the Crown Prosecution Service,” he said.

Shipton continued:

I last visited Julian in August – he was a bit shaky, and is suffering from anxiety. He has lost a lot of weight. It is very distressing, and the intensity of his treatment has increased over the past year.

He is being subjected to every sort of torment.

Shipton also expressed his surprise at the revelation in a Spanish newspaper that a private security company hired to protect the Ecuadorian embassy spied on Assange for the US intelligence service.

A report in El Pais said Global SL supposedly handed over audio and video to the CIA of the meetings Assange held with his lawyers and other visitors.

Julian Assange
Julian Assange was due to be released earlier this month (Victoria Jones/PA)

The company is being investigated for this activity by Spain’s High Court, said the report.

Shipton said laser microphones and video cameras were used to monitor conversations, even in the toilets.

We could not say anything without it being recorded, and it looks like they wanted to sell it to the CIA – in fact, they were actually selling Julian.

Shipton said today’s award was the 16th his son had been awarded for his journalistic and other work with WikiLeaks.

He will receive the award – the Gavin MacFadyen Award – outside Belmarsh prison, and visit his son next week.

The citation for today’s award – given on behalf of whistleblowers – describes Assange as a “courageous truth teller”, adding: The most common thread that ran through the reasons for nominating this year’s winner can be summarised in one sentence: ‘What will happen when the next abuse, corruption, crime or misconduct needs exposing, will other media be too afraid to publish the truth?’

This is not a question that should ever be asked in any civilised country.

In addition to US charges related to WikiLeaks revelations, Assange also faces a rape allegation in Sweden. Now that Assange no longer has asylum in the Ecuadorian embassy, Swedish authorities have reopened this investigation at the request of the alleged survivor’s lawyer. Assange’s lawyer has previously insisted that “Julian has never been concerned about facing British justice, or indeed Swedish justice”. It is “US injustice”, she said, that concerns him.

He is now in Belmarsh prison in London after being jailed for violating bail conditions imposed over the Swedish extradition request and was due to be released last week, but was remanded in custody pending a hearing of the US extradition case in London in February 2020

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    1. So much blatant criminality against Julian Assange’s human rights by our own judicial system, that I am stunned that he is unconcerned with British and Swedish so-called Justice.

      What a load of rubbish, of course he is concerned, there are 3 corrupt Judicial systems involved in harming Julian, the USA who don’t give 3 shits about any law except the evil ones they make to get what they want, the UK who don’t give 2 shits about International Law, & UK Law on human rights, and The Swedish law which doesn’t give 3,2,1 shits about bearing false witness, and willingly (like the UK) opens its butt-cheeks to American thrusts of power.

      The UK legal system is subservient to the USA, as are its politicians, and no law is beyond our corrupt judiciary’s desire to suck-off Uncle Sam’s pustule ridden, festering bloater (regardless of where its been).

      Our politicians, Judiciary, main-stream Journalists and a great many of us, lack the necessary vertebrae, and sadly even Jeremy Corbyn has not publicly stated or put it in Labour’s manifesto that Labour would free Julian Assange and protect his human and journalistic rights from the USA-forced servitude that masquerades as law in these parts (Julian’s case isn’t a vote-winning meme even though it should be). It is shameful that a great many so called journalists prefer to be ’embedded’ with the elite, rather than do their public and human duty to expose corruption wherever it lies.

      So apparently LAW means nothing these days. Nations, politicians, corporate arseholes, judicial pricks, and many more, all flout the so-called Law with impunity, so why the fuck are we (like fools) giving law any credence? Shouldn’t we all just follow their example and do exactly as we desire, with no consideration whatsoever to anyone, or anything else?

      Shouldn’t we seek to murder those who we disagree with, just like those we allow into power do? Our Nations do that, and then boast about it throughout history.

      Shouldn’t we steal from our neighbours without remorse, and even claim we are ‘the greatest’ for doing so? Our Nations do that, and class that as good behaviour.

      Shouldn’t we covet our neighbours things just like our nations do?

      Shouldn’t we bear false witness just like our nations do?

      Shouldn’t we plot and scheme to create great harm like our nations do?

      I mean, WTF are we doing obeying laws (like the idiots we are), when those who apparently know better don’t?

      WTF are we doing letting these criminals get away with such anti-human, anti-life, law-breaking.

      It isn’t one law for them and another for us, it is one law for all of us, or go fuck law wherever it is, and we can forget pointless endeavours like civilization, society, community and joint survival.

      Law either serves us well, or it enslaves all. Currently it is enslaving us all, and is not fit for purpose. We should all descend on Bellmarsh Prison in our thousands, and hundreds of thousands, because whilst Julian Assange is being denied his human rights, we are also tacitly being forced to accept the same conditions for the past, present, and future.

      I know Brexit is on many people’s minds, but essentially Julian’s plight, and the plight of our country are one and the same. Both are the results of the criminally-corrupt manipulating and flouting the Law, and all of us are being subjected to lies and deliberate, planned deceit, in order to do us harm so that the corrupt elites of this World may exercise supreme authority over us, whilst themselves having no Laws to really bind or punish them.

      We can tell the truth by the way we are being treated, and our lives, Julian Assange’s life, and the life of this World are merely toys and games to these evil, corrupt, barely-human people. When they get bored with us, they will subject us to war and famine and pestilence, and torture and all manners of evil, just so they can evade our just anger, and maintain their murderous hold on the things that don’t belong to them.

      If or when Julian Assange dies in prison here, Sweden, or in the USA (because it certainly looks that way to me given the current state of affairs), that will be the death of real journalism and any pretence we have of being a civilized, caring species. What will remain will be nothing worth fighting for, nothing worth building for, and nothing worth obeying any laws (except the law of survival).

      What is the point in civilization/society if it makes life far harder for people to navigate than nature’s own laws and jungles? We use civilisation as an excuse to claim that what we have come up with is something fairer, better than nature’s laws, yet nature’s own laws are kinder, better thought out, and more practical, even if they are intrinsically cruel from our perspective.

      Nature doesn’t seek out our misery, it merely tries to survive and thrive. It doesn’t plot against us, it doesn’t enslave us like mankind does, and yes we are all here without choice, but nature didn’t have that choice either. The comparison between natural ‘law’ and man’s law is that Man’s Law is deliberately cruel and enslaving, whereas nature’s law is what it is.

      If we consider our laws to be superior to nature’s laws, then we must protect Julian Assange, who after all was only doing what Human Justice and decency demand, by exposing the atrocities the USA and its allies were engaging in. To let nations and people get away with murder, genocide, theft, and other evils, is the same as repealing Man’s Laws, and encouraging everyone to give up on society, civilization, and human law.

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