Police officer faces misconduct hearing ‘for sticking carrot barcode on donuts’

A selection of tasty looking donuts
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A police officer allegedly tried to buy a £9.95 box of 12 Krispy Kreme donuts for seven pence by sticking a barcode for carrots on them and going through a self-service checkout.

PC Simon Read faces a misconduct hearing over the alleged incident at Tesco Extra in Wisbech, Cambridgeshire on 10 February this year. Papers say his alleged breach of professional standards is “so serious that dismissal would be justified”.

“Justifiably appalled”

It is alleged that Read entered the supermarket while in uniform and on duty and selected a cardboard tray of 12 Krispy Kreme donuts priced at £9.95, with a barcode on. He is said to have gone to the fruit and vegetable area and used the self-service scales to obtain a barcode sticker for carrots with a price of seven pence.

He stuck the carrot barcode on the donut tray and scanned it at a self-service checkout so that he was charged seven pence for the donuts instead of £9.95, it is claimed. Read is accused of acting dishonestly and without integrity by knowingly paying seven pence for the donuts when he knew he should have paid £9.95.

Papers ahead of the two-day Cambridgeshire Police hearing, to take place in Peterborough from 25 November, say that Read’s alleged behaviour:

brings discredit upon the police service and undermines confidence in it because a reasonable member of the public, aware of all the facts, would be justifiably appalled that a police officer had acted dishonestly and without integrity.

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    1. Why is it only ever coppers The Canary reports on. We had a female paramedic here steal from an old lady’s purse. Is it because that would go against the anti establishment, NHS is sacred narrative that’s so prevalent on here?

      1. As usual DRS I don’t believe you (DRS: “We had a female paramedic here steal from an old lady’s purse. Is it because that would go against the anti establishment, NHS is sacred narrative that’s so prevalent on here?)” As for the PTSD option below; it was a very elaborate operation for someone under that degree of stress. It sounds like another ordinary person ‘trying it on’. The weird thing is that the police are some of the most well paid workers in the UK. I suppose some people just want more and seem to feel they are exceptions to the rules. Shame you have so much contempt for the NHS; it’s one of the few things that stimulates my patriotism. Are you not proud of our British NHS? Shame on you toy soldier.

    2. Hope he gets a psychological assessment. Distress and/ or PTSD can lead to strange behav. and many cops have to deal with assault, abuse and gruesome scenes on a regualr basis.
      If hes a bad cop good riddance otherwise give him a break

    3. I think it would do some people good to read all the articles in this publication, written by some every good journalists, and then decide if the articles are slanted in any particular direction. One wonders the motivation for some people to come on here and comment. Perhaps read a few articles, and then try to put your obvious prejudices aside, and see that there is a different viewpoint to that being pumped out by the majority of the right wing controlled media. Also note that proper journalists write articles that contain facts, but may also contain opinion on the given facts . The ability to disseminate between these should not be beyond most peoples capabilities. Many thanks to Kerry Anne and Ian Lavery for the interesting discussion a few days ago.
      PS. It would also do some people good to read the Comments Moderation Policy. Also interesting.

      1. I agree, although I am somewhat perturbed by its coverage of the current health scare, which seems to lack any of the ‘journalistic’ virtues and is comparable to the ‘copywriting’ of the M$M on that issue.
        While I agree with the sentiments expressed, such as “One wonders the motivation for some people to come on here and comment” I enjoy replying to the trolls whatever their motivation. As for the “nurture, empower, respect” mission statement it’s a laudable aspiration. Although I am not prepared to nurture, empower or respect the Troll’s misinformed and misaligned inanities. See a grenade and toss it back.

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