Now Boris Johnson’s justice secretary has said he hopes for an ‘appropriate’ NHS pay rise

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A senior government minister has said he hopes NHS staff will be given an “appropriate” pay rise this year.


The government is facing a furious outcry after calling for a headline increase of just 1% in its submission last week to the NHS pay review body. Ministers have argued that it was all that could be afforded following the massive hit to the public finances caused by the pandemic at a time when most public sector workers were facing a pay freeze.

However, justice secretary Robert Buckland appeared to strike a more conciliatory note, saying that the submission to the pay review body was only the “beginning of a process”. He told BBC Breakfast:

The final recommendations have not yet been made.

We have got to remember that in large other swathes of the public sector there will be a pay freeze save for the lowest paid. I don’t think at the moment we are at the end of this process.

I think that we need to see what the recommendations are, and I very much hope that the outcome – whilst it might not be an outcome in these difficult circumstances that will result in pay rises that everybody would want to see – that the work that has been done by NHS workers will be recognised in a way that is appropriate, bearing in mind the constraints we are all under.

It is not for me to start to prejudge what the outcome of the negotiations is. I am simply pointing out that we are at the beginning of that process and we will have to see what the recommendations are.

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“Slap in the face”

The proposed 1% pay rise has been accused of going back on a previously negotiated deal. It’s also been argued that due to it being below inflation an increase of 1% will ultimately constitute a pay cut.

Patricia Marquis, the Royal College of Nursing’s South East regional director, told Times Radio:

We know there are significant numbers who are planning to leave and this slap in the face from the Government really has just reinforced their belief that they are not valued by either the Government or perhaps some of the public in the way they would want to be.

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    1. Define “appropriate”.

      For myself this is above the relative level before austerity, with inflation and level of personal skills, risk and costs accounted for.

      For a Tory, it’s as little as they can get away with in the public eye.

    2. Unfortunately, those of us whom have experienced private healthcare know too well whats coming and the ridiculously expensive cost of it…..
      Still, the NHS was formed by a socialist government and we have seen how very hated socialist are in the UK, ( J Corbyn) so, the bed is made…Enjoy

    3. What I DIDN’T hear was a top Tory saying they “hope” that the Brexshit-backing bunch of budget-burgars who want £34BILLION for non-existent T&T & PPE would get it.

      Oh no, THEY will DEFINITELY get it.

      Those are important people, who will probably ‘invest’ in UKPLC privatised health care. Not like nurses and doctors, who just keep us poor people alive.

      TBH, THEY should probably get a pay CUT!

      Oh, I see they did. Very good. Carry on Rishi Fuckwit.

      And remember – “striving” at making wealth on the stock market, or by shorting Sterling, is far more important than “shirking” by working 12hr minimum pay days, or being on the front lines of a pandemic.

      If you don’t understand Rishi, just have a quiet chat with the former thief, Osbo the Loon.

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