Universal DisCredit

Andrew Butler

We are proud to present Universal DisCredit, a powerful new film that shines a light on the devastating consequences of Universal Credit (UC),  a flagship policy of successive Conservative-led governments.

Featuring interviews with campaigners, policy makers, academics, and people with first-hand experience of UC, it shows how people are being driven to poverty, food banks, destitution, and death.

Please share this film widely and join our campaign to #ScrapUC

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Film produced by Videoblogg Productions in association with The Canary.

Featured image via Videoblogg Productions

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    1. I didn’t hear a word about retraining people to acquire work skills if possible to survive. It appears this mean spirited abuse of people for doing poorly makes one believe the UC policy is to shift the responsibility over to God to deal with it in whatever way He determines to be appropriate.
      To be safe the Tories plan to vastly increase the private prison capacities will take care of any remaining problem people.
      At least then these souls could be put to work on plantations as they do in the USA to earn a profit for society.
      Citizenship seems to be far too expensive an enterprise for the Tory Party to consider it a viable condition of civilization.
      A world without compassion or understanding will prove successful must be the ideal Official State for governance for the Right way of doing things.
      Reminds one of the Church’s spiritual dominance in the 1600’s before the Scottish Enlightenment began.

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