Defend the right to protest, fight back against the police crackdown bill

Our right to protest is under attack. Protest is being criminalised and it’s urgent that we act now before it’s too late.

The Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill is being rushed through parliament. It will give the police powers to impose conditions on protests that they view as too noisy or cause “serious unease”.

The Bill will ban protests that block roads around Parliament. It also allows the police to impose conditions on one-person protests. And it will introduce a new offence, punishable by up to ten years in prison, of ‘public nuisance’ for actions that cause “serious distress”, “serious annoyance”, “serious inconvenience”.  Yes, that’s right. If you cause serious annoyance on a protest, you could go to jail for a decade!

Oh, and then there’s the ten year sentences for damaging a memorial or statue. Yep – you could get a longer sentence for damaging an inanimate object than the average sentence given to rapists.

Home secretary Priti Patel doesn’t like protests. She thinks Extinction Rebellion and Black Lives Matter protesters are ‘extremists’. She wants the police to take more action against anyone who dares to stand up to this government. 

Meanwhile, a government report into policing is labelling anyone who takes direct action as an “aggravated activist”. It states that the police have gone too far in allowing protests to go ahead. It is also calling for increased surveillance, including the use of facial recognition technology on demonstrations.

Make no mistake. This is the biggest threat to our freedom to protest that we’ve seen in generations. The police already abuse their powers. This new bill will give them unprecedented power to crackdown on protests. The UK has a long and proud history of protest. And it’s through taking to the streets that we’ve won many of the rights that we now take for granted.

Our opposition to this bill cannot wait. We need to take action now before many of us end up behind bars for trying to make the world a better place.

The Network for Police Monitoring is leading the fight against these extra powers with a charter that calls for the protection of protestors’ rights. Over 150,000 people have already supported the campaign to protect the right to protest.

Get involved today and stop this bill becoming law!

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    1. The country is drifting towards fascism. This government will make Thatcher look like a pussy cat if this goes through. Sadly I see no chink of light from the Labour Party either, the leadership is authoritarian and dictatorial, they too seem to be showing some fascist tendencies.

    2. It’s been a couple of weeks, hasn’t it, but I don’t seem to be able to get over that goon’s face in the video thumbnail there – a look of conviction, of the 110% misplaced variety. Hopefully it will be gone from the front page soon as I don’t have the willpower to look away.

    3. Its the imposition of communist rule by a imposed american born dictator. Who works for the zionist banking cartel. They instigated the same in russia in 2017. Trotsky was sent from america to over throw the tsar and create the communist rule, which starved to death millions of russians, which included the former Soviet countries. They put in place the goulags in russia, the concentration camps in poland an germany which were usually right next to a zionist rothchilds factory like Auschwitz was next to A G Farben. They also own the fima camps in the zionist states of america and the worlds largest open air prison palestine.. do your home work peeps.

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