Is Zelensky really a hero?

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Truth is often the first casualty of war, so it’s imperative that all those in power are still held to account during these times. Curtis Daly gives his opinion on troubling authoritarian moves by Volodymyr Zelensky. 

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    1. Are you serious? The man is leading a country that has been invaded and his united his people to make a stance against an unprovoked aggressor with delusions of restarting the soviet empire. We should be so lucky to have such a wartime leader in the event Putin tries to invade this country. Is the irony not lost on you when you call him an Israeli and a neo-nazi in the same sentence? The only nazis in this equation are the Russian government who are using thermobaric bombs on innocent civilians.

      1. Mr Dean, whilst I certainly agree that President Zelensky is no Nazi of any kind (he is a capitalist and a Zionist who does not support the Palestinian cause), it is also certain that he has enabled the rise of those who should deserve that label. What has he done to remove the openly-Nazi Azov Battalion from his country’s National Guard? Or the many statues memorialising the WWII Nazi collaborator Stepan Bandera?

        “Since 2001, the United States has most recently used the BLU-118/B aircraft dropped thermobaric bomb, XM1060 40mm thermobaric grenade, Shoulder-Launched Multi Purpose Assault Weapon—Novel Explosive (SMAW-NE) and the AGM-114N Metal Augmented Charge (MAC) thermobaric Hellfire during the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. In Afghanistan, particularly, the weapons proved to be ideal in rooting out Taliban and Al Qaeda fighters hiding in caves and tunnels. But the weapons have been singled out for criticism—even if they are perfectly legal—because of their effects.”

        1. Zelensky is also a member of the fascist World Economic Forum and has recently agreed for the Ukraine to be the 1st country to implement the tyrannical globalist Great Reset. You cannot be pro Great Reset and be pro Democracy – they are two mutually incompatible political models.

      2. Zelensky is a CIA puppet and a fascist. He has banned all political parties except for his own, outlawed independent media in the Ukraine leaving just one state media outlet under his control, and appointed several neo nazis to high positions in his government. Zelensky was installed by the CIA after their coup of the democratically elected Ukraine government in 2014 and since that time has made the Ukraine the most corrupt country in Europe where the uber rich go to launder their monies. He is no champion of democracy that the West needs to risk nuclear war over propping up. Let him go to the CIA for those arms.

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