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    1. Fair enough – all crap statues must fall.

      But, meantime, let’s not allow the reactionary racists in Britain to set the agenda!

      ‘Black LIVES Matter’ is about improving the *lives* of real people, it is not about removing statues of some git that until this week most of us had never heard of. Let’s not get distracted and derailed by some ‘dead cat’ thought up by Cummings and Johnson so they can stay in their ‘comfort zones’, cast themselves as the victims, and set the agenda for public debate.

      This is not about white grievances over broken statues. BLM is about saving BAME lives and improving the quality of life so it is not just bare survival but a good and fulfilling life that meets all the needs of BAME citizens – political, social, economic, cultural, spiritual.

      BLM has to stay focused and continue to challenge institutional racism across our society from policing to employment to housing to media representation – and until BLM achieves enough leverage on political power to force police to come up with a fully researched, costed, timetabled plan for removing racism

    2. ?… Pressed published before I completed my sentence.

      Should end … and force NHS management to set out their plan for ensuring no more BAME avoidable deaths.

      Basically, BLM must set the agenda not racists. BLM must keep campaigning until they get political solutions that BAME believe will genuinely redress the injustice and suffering caused by racism.

      Cummings must be laughing his arse off! BLM marches started by demanding radical changes because a man was murdered in cold blood … and within days we have lost the big picture, the principles, and now it is a petty argument about lumps of old metal. FFS!

      Wake up, people! Wake up!

    3. ……..Thatcher, Astor, Balfour, Gandhi, etc, etc, etc, Take the lot down make Art to replace them and a Plaque expressing the TRUE history of that evil that stood before! Let people know the TRUTH of Gandhi for example, he supported apartheid for black South Africans and were only interested in freedom for Indian South Africans!
      “As Gandhi put it in December 1893: ‘I venture to point out that both the English and the Indians spring from a common stock, called the Indo-Aryan’.”
      “Gandhi dehumanised blacks, noting that ‘Kaffirs are as a rule uncivilised … They are troublesome, very dirty and live almost like animals’. Continuing this repeated ‘Kaffir-bashing’, Gandhi complained in 1895 that Indians being given a lower legal standing than whites would impact them ‘so much so that from their civilised habits, they would be degraded to the habits of the aboriginal Natives’.”
      “In 1895, for example, Gandhi euphorically celebrated victory for having ensured separate entrances in the Durban post office for blacks and Indians, in addition to the white entrance. It was more the lumping of blacks and Indians together that outraged Gandhi, rather than the separation of whites from the darker races.”

    4. Mayor of London Sadiq Khan in the wake of Bristol’s toppling of a slave trader Edward Colston’s statue into Bristol harbour proposes removal in London of similar historic personage’s idols.

      Fine – but, please Mayor Khan we do not want replacement statues marring London’s vistas and littering urban corners in order to satisfy notions of political correctness. In my view publicly displayed statues perpetuate elitism and impose on the public conscience ideas about who our betters and superiors are. All statues should be taken down whether slaver, soldier or any other ‘high and mighty somebody’. The do-gooders Mayor Khan proposes to replace slave traders with is anyone’s guess. In any case, who is to judge what do-gooder deserves their carved idol stuck high on a granite plinth or a road renamed to the new do-gooder which is also proposed? Better to have tinkling water fountains or art pieces take up a statue’s place if necessary that might have an innocuous plaque attached with a do-gooder’s mention that doesn’t overbearingly foist ‘a politically correct person’ on us good though their words and deeds may have been or are to cause of welcome improvement in our lives.

      If an idol to replace slave traders is insisted upon then how about neutral images say of the fauna and flora of the UK? Or, like Trafalgar Square’s 4th Plinth give space to common or garden local artists to display for a period their creativity as is also suggested in another comment here.

      Meanwhile, if it’s stone grind it up for road rubble, if bronze cast into bells that might ring out the end to imperialist and other idolatry. “You shall know them by their fruits” is sufficient enough.


    5. A solid Bronze Turd on a plinth with the FULL AND CORRECT History plaque of the vermin that stood there before, would be good.
      I bet the Establishment are quaking in their Jimmy Choo’s! They rely on the “heroic” glorification of those monsters to keep the People divided we are getting closer to the toppling of the 1% off their plinth!
      We see all this action and a stand against racism and fascism and YET ‘curiously’ we awarded a Far Right inbred buffoon as the “PM” just recently over a man of genuine Peace, nothing suspect about that!

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