COVID-19 trolley problem

Image description:

A green transport trolley with “COVID-19” written on the side is on a set of tracks. One track leads to a group of people who are tied to the track, the other track leads to a pile of money. A figure that looks like Boris Johnson is on the side of the tracks and has pulled a lever so that the trolley will head towards the people on the track.

The text reads:

COVID-19 Trolley Problem. You know it is unsafe for everyone to return to work but shareholders are losing money. Just remember to shout “we are following the science!” as you pull the lever.

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    1. You can follow the science that suits your agenda and ignore the science that doesn’t. The Nazis invented a new branch of science, calling it something like the Race and Anthropological Unit, which didn’t so much support their racial beliefs as was founded upon them. Their teams travelled the world taking head and body measurements of all different races, always concluding the white race is superior in every way. Physically, intellectually, creatively and spiritually.

      “Following the science” can be as much BS as they want it to be, because it’s their agenda now pushing the science where they want it to go. Science is no longer science if political dogma can steer it, and that can lead to a new Inquisition.

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