Civil liberty concerns unmasked

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The title reads “Civil liberty concerns unmasked”.

Next to an illustration of a smart phone is the following text:

  • Tracks you, wherever you go
  • Can send info on everything you say and look up to corporations and probably your gov.
  • Allows you to watch funny cat videos on the go

Next to an illustration of a face mask it reads:

  • Helps reduce spread of COVID-19
  • Must be worn in shops
  • Reduces ability to play trumpet effectively

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    1. Smart phones can do all that stuff but if you are careful about which make of phone and operating system you buy/use, and how you use it then it is possible to protect your privacy. The company with a piece of fruit as their name and logo although not perfect are much more privacy focussed and allow you to tailor things how you want.

      I don’t use any google, Alexa or Facebook apps in any way shape or form. If you know what you are doing you can, like me, prevent any search you carry out from going through google servers and much much more that secures your privacy.

      If you own the right phone look at apps like , duck duck go – lockdown – signal and Firefox for example. All these apps and others can be downloaded for free and are completely tracking free, they can do all that the normal apps you might consider first, do and more but without any tracking of the user and they all are google and the other tracking companies free that means no tracking of you at all.

      Lockdown for example stops other apps from sending tracking information about you. Ever wonder why some apps are free? well it’s only so they can track you and then sell the information to others. Lockdown stops all that and gives you information on what trackers it has stopped. Last week it stopped 64,000 tracking attempts!! for my device, many of which were apps trying repeatedly over and over to track you.

      Sorry for rant but it’s your data and broadband that they steal to send all the tracking back to the watchers. But remember that if you look then the info is there to help.

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