Labour just lost a second councillor to the Breakthrough Party

The Breakthrough Partys new councillor and Keir Starmer
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Another local politician has defected from Labour to a new party. They’re the second councillor to switch sides this year. And the ‘breakthrough’ party in question has its sights set on more seats in 2022.

Enter Breakthrough

As The Canary previously reported, the Breakthrough Party launched in January 2021. Alex Mays founded it. You can read all about Breakthrough here. Mays told The Canary:

We are a new home for those determined to disrupt the failed status quo and build an alternative. It’s a society that uses its considerable wealth to provide dignity, security and justice for all.

We see hope not in Westminster. We see it in the ordinary people fighting for a better future: in workplaces, in communities and on the streets.

In August, West Yorkshire councillor Samantha Cooper defected from Labour to Breakthrough. Now, a second councillor has joined her ranks.

Meet Katie Parker

Katie Parker is a town councillor for the St Olaves ward in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk. Recently she’s been campaigning for a pay rise for NHS workers and over the lack of NHS dentists in her area. But Parker has now had it with the Labour Party. She said in a press release:

After being a staunch socialist my whole life and getting involved with local politics during the Jeremy Corbyn era, I have become incredibly jaded and cynical with all the mainstream political parties. I believe there is no alternative to a right-wing government anymore. I lost my passion and no longer felt that I fit in with the Labour Party.

Read on...

I looked around at other groups but just concentrated on my council work- keeping the community at the heart of it all. This has worked, but I haven’t felt that same pride in who I represent as I did to begin with.

When I heard about the Breakthrough Party it was through a family member. I began researching it and it felt like the socialist party I needed and believed in. I absolutely pride myself on my integrity and being real due to my own past, and I liked what I read.

All about community

Parker doesn’t hide her past. She says she “struggled with drug addiction” when she was younger – ending up in prison and with “drug-related health issues”. After going to rehab in 2004, she went to university and started a career working in drug services and rehab units. She said:

I’ve learned that a big part of addiction is needing to belong and feeling part of a community is a huge part of this. I’ve started baby banks, fed children during school holidays, helped residents during the Covid crisis, helped bring the community together and a lot more in my two and a half years as a councillor.

My passion for this has never waned.

Parker now believes the Labour Party is not the right vehicle for progressive change. She said:

I want change and to build something different, and I believe that the Breakthrough Party can do this.

She will now serve her community under the Breakthrough banner.

Breakthrough: time to stand candidates

So, what does the future hold? Breakthrough said in a press release that it:

plans to stand candidates in parliamentary and local government elections to challenge the political status quo and, in particular, the Labour Party’s abandonment of many of its core voters.

Two Breakthrough councillors is a good start to the party’s broader plan. And with various elections happening in 2022, it will be the perfect chance for Breakthrough to make more inroads into Labour territory.

Featured image via the Breakthrough Party and Good Morning Britain – YouTube

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    1. Sadly as well-meaning as this action is might as well vote for Tory, until we have a PR system the only choice is Tory or Labour. The aims and values I am sure many share, I would question is this the right way to get rid of Johnson?

      1. You are quite right, all the smaller New Parties are going to take many years to get all the Constituency Seats covered and Offices, Membership, Union Affiliations, etc, etc, etc behind them and along with the “Green” Party, voting for them will only detract from The Neo-New-Labour Party Parasite TORIES and gift to The Conservative TORIES, The PEOPLE LOSE, get nothing but an extention of 43 YEARS of TORY HELL.
        The Neo-New-Labour Party TORIES are worse than the Conservative Party TORIES and not worthy a Vote from The PEOPLE. Either way/Party The PEOPLE LOSE, get nothing but an extention of 43 YEARS of TORY HELL.
        Vote Tactically En Masse to Remove every single Neo-New-Labour Party MP/Candidate from their seat/CLP, The PEOPLE LOSE, get nothing but an extention of 43 YEARS of TORY HELL, BUT, The PEOPLE sees a Smaller Democratic Socialist UK Labour Party MINUS the Neo-New-Labour Party Parasite TORIES, MINUS the previous levels of INTERNAL Sabotage, Conniving, Direct MSM Smear/Lies/Leaks, etc, etc. The Membership will grow again, The Unions Already Affiliated, Every 650+ a Democratic Socialist UK Labour Party Candidate and Members working Their Buts off in the Community, Perhaps even Affiliation with the Smaller Parties even as Movements within the Party, disaffiliation with Apartheid Israel and Any Racist Terrorist Zionists, etc.
        We are going to suffer for about 10 more years, if not Johnson it will be Patel, Gove, Mogg, Raab, etc, etc, etc couldn’t imagine anything worse, but 2017 and 2019 was blown by stupidity, now there is only the long walk. Whether that is investing our vote in a New Party IF they can get 650+ Constituency Candidates and earn voters Trust and Confidence OR Tactically De-Toryfy The UK Labour Party and do a Serious bit of Housekeeping, either way it will be a long hard walk.

    2. Labour just lost a second councillor to the Breakthrough Party
      Just point to inform you VOTERS could this be the start of the new Govt party I have been telling you all about yes or no?
      I did say the new party would be made up of X M. Ps from other party they have left for what every reason.
      Next G.E. we could a new party on the ballot paper then Labour-Tory M.P.-Minister can cry on the other benchers for their failing to the U.K. voter plus Wales-N-Ireland-Scotland as well.

      LET see what bribes both Labour + Tory party M.P. come up with for next G.E. voter they are going to after? Very big bribes for our votes.
      Some old bribes made by Tories for our votes.
      Look at more Brexit deal we E.U. countries Not done.
      Look at scraping Tory Scam U-Credit benefit -Not done.
      Look at transport problem in local council area -Not done.
      Look at the low living wages not being enforced by some larger firm that Tory Govt set up- Not done.
      Look at the climate changes needed like COP26 C**p-not done.
      Look at holding M.P.+ Minister fully to account for miss using their job position in Govt and using taxpayer money to benefit their careers in Govt only.
      Some bribes made by Labour for our votes
      Look at workers rights fully Not done.
      Look at sorting out racism within the party needs more work
      Doing to this problem so they have Not done.
      Looking at holding Tory Govt to account over the last 11+years they have failed to do this so Not done.
      Look at Protecting our N.H.S. from privatisation Not done.
      Comment here is Labour have lost the trust of voters other years
      And not having a say in H.O. Commons because of Tory party voting ways (larger Tory votes to pass bills)
      The list is longer for main 2 parties that have failed to deliver their promises when they get back in power.
      Voter do not waste your votes use it wisely at next G.E.
      But not just on the 2 main parties M.P.s that have been proven Not to deliver what their promises us voter.
      Also, their party Cllr at local level council votes has well voters must remember we vote for party Cllr next year 2022 locally that have also failed our area + residents needs of all areas.

      I am personally glad to see (if it happen) NEW blood in Govt young & old M.P.s alike that will work together to serves us all and listen to us voter more before making big changes to laws plus rights bills plus finances bills the old vanguard in Labour +Tory party will have their job cut out when making us voters new promise next G.E. they will Not keep if a NEW PARTY STANDS that will serve all of us public not just party funders that support the new party members election
      I will see what start to unfold in Govt parties before next G.E. keep an eye on my true post for more update to public I will also say Tory including Labour leader you needs to root out the dodgy Minister +M.P. that use their parliamentary precision in Govt for cash benefits to themselves only that is going on now also dodgy deal they do involving our public tax payers money as well with dodgy private sector firms they have dealing with in private meeting need to stop full stop Boris +Starmer now before next G.E..

      1. I still make the mistake of speaking as though we have a vote, but we don’t 2019 proved that much.
        We can still live in hope of a wake up call! People are not freaked out to learn that every Ballot Box in the UK goes walkabouts with ONE of your 3 Volunteers ALONE in their OWN PRIVATE CAR from the Poll Station to Count Centre! No Tracking, No Escourt just one stranger with a very easily cloneable box and ballots and using the same corrupt company!

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