Rory Stewart denies working for ‘intelligence’; says ‘I’ve always worked for the Tories’

Rory Stewart in the James Bond sights
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Potential Tory leader Rory Stewart has (potentially) been exposed as a spy:

As you’d expect, Stewart himself has denied working for ‘intelligence’ – insisting that he’s always worked for the Tories.


Stewart explained:

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Have I worked for ‘intelligence’? Quite the opposite, actually – I worked for David Cameron then Theresa May.

When asked to clarify who he worked for before that, he gave a coy smile and answered:

Let’s just say I liked my jobs how I like the austerity-ravaged masses: shaken, not stirred.

This suggests Stewart may indeed have been a spy in the glory years of British intelligence – the early 2000s. Could Stewart have helped in acquiring the information that led to the Iraq War? Unlikely. Unless he somehow managed to shrink himself down to sub-atomic size and retrieve said intelligence from its source – Tony Blair’s imagination.


All this spy stuff has proven quite titillating for the sort of dull, centrist, media types who find Stewart invigorating. Ironically, a lot of these people are also furious about Russia interfering in our politics. They might be sad to learn that ‘protecting’ British interests generally means ‘trashing’ other countries’.

Or maybe they won’t be, and will instead fantasise about Stewart bedding golden women and fighting metal-toothed giants on the moon. They’re already fantasising about him being a progressive, so delusions come easy to them, it seems.

Featured image via Petar Milosevic – Wikimedia / Chris McAndrew – Wikimedia

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    1. Rory Stewart,
      denies working for ‘intelligence’; says ‘I’ve always worked for the Tories’
      LOOK Tory traitor you should NOT be in Govt at all NOW
      what was your promises to the public over prison serves if said by you SIR
      You would resign if it failed and by GOD has it failed badly under you Rory.
      So why are you still in Govt you did tell us the public live in H.O.C. debate,
      your would resign for failing the Ministers job of Prisons,
      (so why are you still in a job with Tory Govt??)
      JUST some Points Rory plus over Tory party members I wish addressed.
      P-1 How much are you all paid for the live T.V. debates £//////
      and have you all declared the extra cash to Parliament (H.O.C. ) yes or no?
      P-2 Do you all claim back your travel expense off us taxpayer yes or no?
      P-3 Did any of your payment for live debates on BBC channels come out,
      of our license fee money pot with BBC interviews yes or no?
      To all you standing for Tory P.M. job remember this point me NOT being a Tory voter ‘thank GOD’ but did vote to leave E.U. MESS with NO strings attached.
      this includes the N.I. Backstop C**P the D.U.P party, made up with Ms May team
      If your bed partner in crime the D.U.P. party started up their own Govt again
      the back stop problem can be sorted out by them with the E.U. as a running,
      Govt in N.I. they represent Not the U.K. islands
      So NEW P.M. get shut of D.U.P. party holding up the W/Bill (by way of Backstop)
      then you can deliver your promises to the million of leave voter NEW P.M.
      Or pay the price for failing us all at any new G.E. held possibly in NOV 2019
      We free voter plus the Young voter Tory Govt failed took their rights away to vote on E.U. MESS we are working for a new G.E. NOW to remove Tory Govt.

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