Perhaps it’s time those accusing the left of antisemitism look in the mirror

IDF Tank and Jewish anti-Zionist protesters
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Labour leader Keir Starmer recently sacked shadow education secretary Rebecca Long-Bailey after she shared an interview on social media that he said contained an “antisemitic conspiracy theory”. Starmer claims he wants to send a strong message that under his leadership there will be ‘zero tolerance’ of antisemitism.

In reality, he’s just going along with the final chapter of a ludicrous, transparently manufactured, and politically-motivated smear campaign orchestrated by Zionist interests along with Tory and Labour right elements. Together, they had the shared goal of sabotaging Jeremy Corbyn’s chances of becoming prime minister and now want to raze any last remaining vestige of his term as Labour leader from frontline British politics.

As The Canary has previously argued, the underlying premise that criticising the violent actions of Israel’s state security forces is antisemitic – which is what happened in Long-Bailey’s case – is patent nonsense. But that’s not all. Because closer examination reveals that perhaps it’s those who tacitly accept this narrative who are buying into antisemitic insinuations.

Not all Jews are blindly pro-Israel

For one thing, the assumption that all Jews support Israel’s behavior, its current stance vis-a-vis the conflict or even its continued existence as a Jewish state, is completely false. Some of the most outspoken voices condemning Israel’s actions are themselves Jewish. This includes Norman Finkelstein, one of the world’s leading experts on the conflict in Palestine who is not only himself Jewish but also the son of Holocaust survivors. The Canary spoke to Finkelstein in an exclusive two-part interview last year in which he likened the antisemitism smear campaign against Corbyn to the Salem Witch Hunts.

Others include Noam Chomsky, the world-renowned linguist and political dissident, the late British historian Tony Judt and many other Jewish intellectuals and activists around the world.

Just look at Israel’s home-grown critics…

In fact, some of Israel’s fiercest critics are themselves Israelis. Gideon Levy, for instance, is a columnist for the progressive Israeli newspaper Haaretz and has described the building of settlements within the occupied territories as “the most criminal enterprise in [Israel’s] history”.

Ilan Pappe, meanwhile, has written books with titles such as The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine and Ten Myths About Israel, which condemn Israel’s foundation as a settler-colonial project that inevitably entailed the expulsion of the Palestinians. Both of them are not only staunch critics of Israeli policy, but also support a one-state solution to the conflict, which for them ought to establish a secular non-sectarian state with equal rights for Jews and Palestinians.

Read on...

… and the historical context

There is also an important historical context to keep in mind. Because long before Israel’s founding there were divisions about whether or not Jews should aspire to the establishment of a Jewish state. In fact, Zionism had major rival movements that called for Jews to fight instead for equal rights in the countries in which they already lived, such as the Bundists. As Pappe puts it:

Since its inception in the mid-nineteenth century, Zionism was only one, inessential, expression of Jewish cultural life. It was born out of two impulses among Jewish communities in Central and Eastern Europe. The first was a search for safety within a society that refused to integrate Jews as equals and occasionally persecuted them. …

The second impulse was a wish to emulate other new national movements mushrooming in Europe at the time. This was based on the ethnic-nationalist idea that nationhood is based on ethnic identity rather than sharing common borders and language.

There’s also a strange irony…

In a strange irony, Zionism later shared this ideological feature with other influential ethno-nationalist movements of the early 20th Century, including German National Socialism. Ken Livingstone was effectively forced out of the Labour Party for pointing out this straightforward fact during a television interview in 2016. Finkelstein came to Livingstone’s defense, stating:

Livingstone maybe wasn’t precise enough, and lacked nuance. But he does know something about that dark chapter in history. ….

Hitler wasn’t wholly hostile to the Zionist project at the outset. That’s why so many German Jews managed to survive after Hitler came to power by emigrating to Palestine. But, then, Hitler came to fear that a Jewish state might strengthen the hand of ‘international Jewry’, so he suspended contact with the Zionists. Later, Hitler perhaps contemplated a ‘territorial solution’ for the Jews. …

Livingstone is more or less accurate about this – or, as accurate as might be expected from a politician speaking off the cuff.

In short, at various points in the 1920s and 1930s, Nazism and Zionism’s respective leaderships were in agreement that Jews shouldn’t live in Germany but rather in a state somewhere else, such as Palestine, albeit for different reasons.

… that lives on to this very day

To this day, many Jews reject this ethno-nationalist idea that Israel is where Jews rightfully should live simply by virtue of being Jewish. Equally, many also reject the notion that Israel should serve as some kind of ‘safe haven’ where Jews can go and live as an ethnic majority. As Judt put it in an interview with The Atlantic:

Why is it ok for a Jewish minority to dominate an Arab majority, its leaders to call for expulsions of majority members, etc., but not ok for a democracy to have a majority and minority both protected under law?…

He added:

[The fear of there not being a Jewish-majority state in the world] is the fear of the paranoid hysteric – like the man at the dinner table in the story I wrote in the New York Review who had never been to Israel but thought I should stop criticizing it because “We Jews might need it sometime.”…

I find this contemptible — [people who take this view] are quite happy to see Arabs killed in their name, so long as other Jews do it. That’s not fear, that is something between surrogate nationalism and moral indifference.

The worst insult of all

Finally, the notion that all Jews support Israel’s behavior is not only false but also defamatory. Because Israel is one of the world’s worst and most prolific human rights violators. It occupies the West Bank and blockades the Gaza Strip while continuing to build settlements in the former in flagrant violation of international law and countless United Nations resolutions. It denies Palestinians living in these areas even the most basic of rights. So much so that many mainstream figures, including former US president Jimmy Carter, have described Israel as an “apartheid” state. And, worst of all, it frequently uses violence against this civilian population, including shooting dead unarmed protesters and even children as young as nine years old.

So by implying that criticism of Israel is a criticism of all Jews, those who buy into the tenets of the antisemitism smear campaign are, in turn, implying that all Jews support, or perhaps even are themselves implicated in, the above actions of Israel and its security state apparatus. This is every bit as outrageous as it would be to claim that every last member of the Chinese diaspora, including the roughly five million Chinese-Americans living in the United States, must by definition support the human rights violations of the Chinese government.

Ridiculous and contradictory IHRA definition

There is another irony to this situation still. Because this insinuation is antisemitic even according to the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance’s (IHRA) own definition. It states that “Holding Jews collectively responsible for actions of the state of Israel” and that “targeting of the state of Israel, conceived as a Jewish collectivity” constitutes antisemitism. Yet it simultaneously says that “Denying the Jewish people their right to self-determination, e.g., by claiming that the existence of a State of Israel is a racist endeavor” also constitutes antisemitism.

As a result, its entire criteria appears not just ridiculous but also internally contradictory. Because it insists that Israel should be a state exclusively for Jewish people yet at the same time says that conflating Israel with all Jews is antisemitic. Finkelstein described the IHRA definition to The Canary as “completely idiotic” and said that Corbyn’s willingness to adopt it was “a fatal mistake”.

Reality has become parody

The IHRA definition is, in fact, so absurd that the line between parody and reality is getting increasingly blurred. The Skwawkbox‘s Steve Walker recently posted about a complaint he made to the Labour Party in which he reports Starmer for “conflation of Jewish people with actions of Israeli government in breach of IHRA code”. The complaint reads:

By describing Maxine Peake’s criticism of Israel as ‘an antisemitic conspiracy theory’, Mr Starmer has collectively equated Jewish people with the Israeli state. …

As a member of the Labour Party I am appalled at this casual antisemitism and lack of care by its leader.

It’s difficult to discern whether Walker is joking or being deadly serious – and perhaps that’s the point. The charge of violating IHRA’s code in this way could arguably also be levelled at other Labour right figures such as Nia Griffith, Stella Creasey, and Wes Streeting.

Time to regroup, reassess and reorganize

Clearly, the antisemitism smear campaign has now become so bizarre that reality has been turned on its head. Regrettably, both Corbyn beforehand, and now Long-Bailey, one of his only remaining allies in front bench British politics, have foolishly acted as if one can appease these ruthless forces. Obviously, it’s impossible to appease something whose goal is to destroy your political career by any means possible and irrespective of what you say or do.

The result has been that they have helped to banish themselves back to the backbenches and put the Labour-right back in the driver’s seat. The left must now regroup, reassess, and reorganize for the battles ahead. Because these forces will no doubt do the same thing all over again next time a challenge to the status quo comes along. As Labour legend Tony Benn once said: “every single generation has to fight the same battles again and again and again. There’s no final victory. And there’s no final defeat”.

Featured image via Flickr – Israeli Defense Forces and Flickr – Alicedare Hickson

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    1. Thank you Mr.Bolton for a clear analysis of the destruction of Jeremy Corbyn by Israeli Zionists. I remember seeing Al-Jazeera’s brilliant ‘The Lobby’ expose but the impact of that was somehow lost in the anti Corbyn hysteria. I remember the awful Hodge woman’s vitriol of JC. My complaint of her to the LP was ignored so I resigned my membership & it’s been downhill ever since & now it’s Blue Labour.
      UKania is a political sewer & getting worse. Now we have 75,000 deaths from Tory incompetence along with their destruction of the economy as their gift to the nation………..

    2. Correct – Terry.
      The Lobby has exposed what is essentially, interference in British politics by agents of the Israeli state.
      Those actors, one lady who worked as a civil servant in Parliament for Conservative MP Robert Halfon and another: Shai Masot for the Israeli Embassy, had been plotting since 2010 to smear anything and anyone considered to have a negative few of Israeli state foreign policy. Both have fled back to Israel since being exposed, and it is safe to say – they are and were just the ‘tip of an iceberg’.

      The documentary exposed the ‘sham’ of antisemitism complaints levied against Labour party MP’s and its members, and also exposes infiltration of groups such as ‘Young Labour Friends of Israel’ while highlighting former MP’s like Joan Ryan, shamefully casting patently false antisemitism complaints against Labour members. So you get a real picture of the way the ‘Labour right’ and ‘Friends of Israel’ operate within the party and where they get their funding from.

      The film is investigative reporting at its best. A real insight into the way the Israeli govt attempts to operate primarily within both British & American politics. Priming usual defenders of their policy such as Stella Creasey. Margaret Hodge. John Mann. Rachel Reeves and Wes Streeting – to name a few.

      Obviously the UK MSN has never highlighted any of the findings in this documentary and offers an understanding of how difficult it was for Jeremy Corbyn fighting against such lobbies and paid members of his own party (Leaked report) undermining him through all his years as leader.

      It’s fair to say that nothing has changed within Labour since the documentary’s expose of individuals and groups involved in this. – Starmer’s sacking RLB and aiming his sights of Labour’s leaked report on those who leaked it – instead of the culprits undermining the party’s election chances, is confirmation of that. Along with the continued influence of minority Jewish groups and media allies (BOD’s – Jewish Chronicle) who now dictate Labour party policy and the use of anti-semitism accusations as their default action to smear anyone wanting an open discussion on Israel’s treatment of Palestinians.

      The Lobby – Parts 1 -4. On Youtube here:

    3. “…that Corbyn’s willingness to adopt it was “a fatal mistake”.
      True, but THE fatal mistake was to fall into the stupid Tory Brexit-trap. What a terrible delusion to phantasize the NATIONALISTIC Brexit spasm in the working class as any form of criticism of the neoliberal EU. I don’t think any of the ex Labour voters embracing Johnson care much about “antisemitism”, otherwise they wouldn’t choose that chief racist!
      Corbyn “respecting the Brexit vote” and thus Labour shying away from conflict with their electorate, when they are so clearly on a road against their own interests, not only resulted in a Tory victory, but also a political set back for years to come. As long as “the left” do not accept that discomforting news and seriously start developing worker’s consciousness, ignoring all accusations of “patronizing”, there is NO HOPE for progress!

    4. Very good article. Of course, it’s worth pointing out the long history of Zionist anti-Semitism and that Christian Zionism pre-dated Zionism itself and still has much support in the US. Orthodox Jews, of course, take issue with Zionism, for doctrinal reasons.

      However, as far as Labour is concerned, a very simple argument needs to be made: if Labour is “institutionally anti-Semitic”, then most of its members are anti-Semites. If that’s so, the a large proportion of Labour voters must be anti-Semites as voters are the cohort from which members are drawn. Who dares say many Labour voters are anti-Semitic? It’s absurd. It would provoke outrage and ridicule. Yet, if it’s true that Labour voters aren’t anti-Semites it follows, night follows day, that most members can’t be and that means the Party isn’t institutionally anti-Semitic. This argument can be made without any reference to Israel. Further, it follows of necessity from the above that were the accusation true, there would be widespread discrimination against Jews which their position in UK society would reflect. What is their position? Thriving. Take any measure you like: 30.5 of Jews are self-employed compared to 14.2% percent of the general population; 60% of Jewish kids go to Jewish schools funded by the State; Jews are 80% more likely than the general population to have higher qualifications and 40% less likely to have none; prior to the 2015 GE 69% of Jews said they would vote Tory and 22% Labour, in keeping with the predominantly middle-class profile of today’s UK Jews…..They are doing well. Good. But that gives the lie to the slander that Labour is anti-Semitic. There is no need at all to discuss Israel and the history of Zionism to disprove the lies spread by Mrs Hodge, the BoD, the Jewish Chronicle etc.

      1. Appreciate that you are trying to simplify the argument by taking out the most controversial element, that of Zionism and accusations of racism. But I’m not sure your argument is sound. The point is surely that Zionists have chosen to use this tactic of equating criticism of Israel with anti-Semitism – albeit in bad faith – and in order to counter it I feel it is important to point out that support for a separate Jewish state is not shared by all Jewish people. The history is useful here but I agree, maybe not essential to the argument. Also the fact that Jewish people are thriving as a group does not disprove the existence of anti-Semitic views: it could just be that the campaign is ineffective, or more likely, that the main determinant of economic success is class rather than ethnicity. To support the second point, it’s evident that anti-Islamic and anti-black racism exists and yet there are middle-class members of those groups, some in very powerful positions including the Cabinet itself. The opponents of the left who still claim to be progressive prefer to use group/identity factors to attack the left, to avoid having to argue about class – which would betray their desire to hold on to privelege and potentially alienate middle-class voters who now form the bulk of labour support.

    5. A in depth article which is a pleasure to read, and very true. But the real reason for the witchunt against what Corbyn stands for isn’t spoken of all. Its not in the picture. Its like Van Morrison’s song “What’s wrong with this picture”. So there is no discussion at all, and no civilized dialogue of any kind is possible. It looks to be they cannot articulate their reasons as I never hear of any or are dumb to considering facts , or very rich and feel they don’t have to think at all. Their views are unquestionably the right ones.
      Its a serious social problem for democracy as it relies on constructive dialogue by a willingness to question a view for its survival as a institution, and there has been been none allowed.
      Instead its just about fake accusations.
      Welcome to vacuum land without social oxygen to survive in.
      It opens up a huge question here about a country coming to grips with the unknown future, as any different view from the imagined past of what life was like is simply intolerable.
      Yet it’s clear to the millions of the multitude of bright people young, and old we are here because we questioned, and its through the adoption of critical thinking we have become prosperous.
      Socially divisive it is not.
      Just watch the program on the building of a satelite in England or the construction of the bridge between Denmark, and Sweden without needing the use of a lawyer which was completed on time in 5 years and on budget for $5 billion.
      No respect for the beautiful talent of democracy to allow questioning in a honest way [ civilized] without fear of reprisals has been shown.
      The word “polite” was coined from this kind of open dialogue by Lord Shaftsbury in the 1600’s as an attribute of becoming civilized.
      The “Right” can only lie as they are dumb to this idea of civilisation.

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