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Class war from the Tories just went up a gear

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We’re currently in the midst of a class war in the UK. However, if you’re the political and media class, it’s a “cost of living crisis“. The latest plans from the Tories do nothing to help the poorest people. But if you’re rich, of course, you’ll be better off.

Tory warfare

First up in this class warfare is changing the rules around MOTs. The Tories want to relax them so that cars only have to have one every two years; this is possibly unsafe, to say the least. The major problem with this is it won’t help the poorest people. As I previously wrote, only 35% of the poorest households own a car – versus 93% of the richest ones.

Then, BBC News reported that the Tories want to increase the number of kids one childcare worker can legally look after. The grand idea behind this is that it will reduce costs – allegedly making the price that parents pay cheaper. However, its mostly richer parents using childcare anyway. Research from 2016 showed that 78% of the poorest parents/guardians wouldn’t return to work/work more hours because of childcare costs. The Tories’ plans will do nothing to address this. As Labour pointed out, it won’t affect availability and therefore won’t affect the cost.

Don’t worry though – enter Tory MP John Redwood to suggest removing VAT from energy bills. Yeah, thanks for that John. I look forward to saving 5p on the pound it costs my family every time we turn the shower on.

Class war

The point is that none of these measures will do anything for the poorest households. You know – the ones bearing the brunt of this class war. Even before things like the 54% energy price increase and National Insurance hike came in, 34% of the poorest people were struggling to pay their bills. In the coming months, there’s going to be carnage.

If you’re wondering how seriously politicians and the media are taking the class war, look no further than cooking. Angela Rayner, Sajid Javid, the Mirror‘s Pippa Crear and LBC‘s Iain Dale were all happily taking part in a bake-off on Tuesday 26 April. Talk about not reading the fucking room. Because really – cosying-up to bake on the same day we found out food prices have risen by the most in over a decade? Our misery is all a joke to these careerists, whose performative anger at each other is clearly just that.

So, another day and the political class wage yet more economic warfare on the poorest. And with at least 1.3 million more people set to be pushed into absolute poverty this year, the situation will only get worse. Remind me: when does the revolution start?

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    1. Instead of putting a price cap on the power companies they should have put (and kept) a price cap on the suppliers of gas/electric etc) This means the power companies would continue to pay a reasonable price and inflation would be limited. If they can put a price cap on the power companies, why not the producers??

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