Theresa May made a Brexit pledge to the British people on social media. It didn’t end well.

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On 12 May, Theresa May made a bold pledge to the UK public.

She tweeted:

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The 48%

However, people on Twitter were quick to point out that on an issue as divisive as Brexit, May’s promise is impossible to keep:

Others pointed out that remainers did not vote for any type of Brexit deal:

Round 2

People also pointed out the false promises made during the Brexit referendum campaign:

This opinion is particularly pertinent at the moment. There are allegations that Vote Leave exceeded spending limits and that Cambridge Analytica misused people’s data as part of the campaign. As a result, the voices calling for a second referendum are getting louder:

A hostile response

Additionally, in an article released on Facebook, May wrote:

we will put the values that make us so great as a nation at the forefront: openness, tolerance, diversity and innovation.

However, people were quick to point out that May’s role in the Windrush scandal means she represents the opposite of these values:

One of many

May’s government has developed a worrying habit of making promises they can’t/won’t keep. These include:

  • Calling a snap election in April 2017 despite May previously stating she wouldn’t.
  • Performing a dramatic U-turn on their controversial “dementia tax” policy.
  • Performinga dramatic U-turn on the policy to increase national insurance contributions for self-employed workers.
  • Going back on the Dubs amendment to take child refugees, despite supporting the USA in missile strikes on Syria.

We should not, therefore, be shocked that she is making a bold pledge that she clearly cannot fulfill.

Brexit is arguably the most divisive issue in Britain at the moment, meaning May’s promise of “I will not let you down” is a load of hot air.

Thankfully people are not buying it.

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