Boris Johnson promised to ‘lie in front of the bulldozers’ at Heathrow. So where is he today?

Boris Johnson and a plane on a runway at Heathrow

On 25 June, MPs will vote on whether to expand Heathrow Airport by building a third runway.

At this crucial time, it’s important to remember that, back in 2015, foreign secretary Boris Johnson made a bold and impressive pledge:

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Yet today, he’s mysteriously absent*. So people are asking where the hell he could have got to?

The great escape

Even high-ranking ministers don’t have the foggiest:

Although there are also reports he’s hiding in plain sight:

True colours

While there is a chance that Johnson could be away on important official business, the government is imposing a three-line whip on Conservative MPs to vote in favour of expansion.

Therefore, if Johnson were to stick to his principles, he would almost certainly have to follow international trade minister Greg Hands in resigning from the front bench:

This seemingly convenient absence has led some to question Johnson’s motives:

Even Conservative MP Justine Greening has been getting in on the act:

Although some gave him the benefit of the doubt. Sort of:

A pioneer?

Some see Johnson’s vanishing act as a new form of ironic protest:

Or maybe he’s just keeping a low profile to avoid suspicion:

Yet others weren’t so forgiving:

The end?

Calls for his resignation are growing:

Yet as Johnson seems to have gone AWOL precisely to avoid resigning, some are saying:

Resigning now would be like a child faking illness then declaring themselves better just in time for triple maths.

A true patriot

Theresa May has bizarrely defended Johnson’s decision to be absent as he is:

the living embodiment of global Britain.

That must mean that either:

  1. Britain is a self-serving opportunist that only believes in preserving its own status.
  2. May is too weak to openly criticise one of her own ministers.

Either way, Johnson’s decision to take flight rather than stick to his guns is at least consistent with a career defined by turbulent principles.

* Shortly before publication, Johnson turned up in Afghanistan.

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