Nigel Farage tweets a racist picture so fake it could have been ‘written in crayon’

A pciture of Nigel Farage
Andrea Needham

Nigel Farage has apparently been taken in by a picture so crudely photoshopped that one Twitter user said “it may as well have been written in ***** CRAYON!!!”.

But did he apologise for retweeting the racist, misogynistic picture? No. Instead, he attacked the “refugees welcome brigade”.

“These people are sick”

Farage tweeted a photograph of a woman holding a placard reading “My legs are open for refugees”. He commented:

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What an insult to the victims of sexual abuse in Cologne and rape in Malmö. These people are sick.

Nigel Farage's tweet showing a woman wearing a sign reading 'my legs are open for refugees'



















But someone had very crudely altered the words. In the original picture, the woman’s sign read “My door is open for refugees”.

The original image came from a Canadian rally in support of refugees in 2015. Snopes has discredited the doctored one.

Taken in

At some point, Farage realised his mistake. Undaunted, he deleted his tweet and put up this one:

He made no apology for his foul retweet. But people on Twitter weren’t going to let him off that lightly:

The fact is, Farage shared a racist, misogynistic – and very obviously photoshopped – image. As he threatens a return to politics if Brexit doesn’t go his way, the ex-UKIP leader has just given people a timely reminder of what an unpleasant man he really is.

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Featured image via Gage Skidmore/Wikimedia commons

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