The home secretary faces libel calls after exploiting the Holocaust to smear Jeremy Corbyn

Javid and Corbyn

The home secretary apparently exploited the Holocaust to smear Jeremy Corbyn on 19 July.

Sajid Javid seemed to suggest that the Labour leader denies the Holocaust. This has led to calls for libel action against Javid for making the entirely unsubstantiated claim.

Next level smear

Javid began by smearing Corbyn as having a “problem with Jews”. Then, Twitter user ‘Muhammad Shahab’ seemed to question whether the Holocaust happened:

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But Javid didn’t shut down Shahab personally for holding such abhorrent beliefs. The MP for Bromsgrove appeared to suggest that he holds such an opinion because of Corbyn:

Javid seems to imply that Shahab questions the Holocaust because Corbyn “misled” him. In turn, that suggests that Corbyn himself is a Holocaust denier, if he is directly ‘misleading’ people to question the Holocaust as Javid claims.


Senior Labour MP Clive Lewis told Javid to withdraw the comment and apologise:

And the home secretary’s tweet has sparked condemnation on social media, along with claims that it was potentially libellous:

Conservative MP embarrassed

Others recalled the libellous claim that Conservative MP Ben Bradley made about Corbyn in February. The Labour leader won damages after Bradley accused him of selling “British secrets to communist spies”. Corbyn then donated the money to Bradley’s local foodbank and a homeless charity:

At the time, Bradley was forced to apologise with probably the most retweeted post from a Conservative MP:

The actual reality

Many people pointed to the action the Labour leader has taken against antisemitism, as opposed to the words of Javid:

This video from Corbyn supporters details some of those motions:

At the time of publication, Javid hasn’t responded to social media allegations that he libelled Corbyn.

The home secretary should hang his head in shame.

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– Check out Jewish Voice for Peace and Jewish Voice for Labour.

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