Here’s the country’s priceless reaction to the news Piers Morgan might be leaving Britain

Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid on ITV's Good Morning Britain
Afroze Fatima Zaidi

It’s been quite the week for Piers Morgan. On 11 December, the Daily Mail published an article in which the opinionated TV host expressed an interest in becoming Donald Trump’s chief of staff:

His somewhat desperate appeal to Trump was followed by a discussion on the possibility that he may be leaving his slot on ITV’s Good Morning Britain. The reaction was, well, as you might expect:

Partners in crime?

Meanwhile, with so many of Trump’s former staff members now facing criminal proceedings, the prospect of Morgan facing the same fate seemed to appeal to a lot of people:

Good news lottery

Morgan’s potential British exit coincided with Alan Sugar’s announcement that if Jeremy Corbyn becomes prime minister, he’ll leave the UK. But somehow, people aren’t mourning their possible loss:

Morgan might, in fact, be a good candidate for the job of White House chief of staff. He appears to be quite the cheerleader of Trump, after all. Ironically, though, when he has been criticised in the past for his lack of impartiality with regard to the US president, he didn’t take it too well:

It appears, for a lot of people, the prospect of Morgan leaving the UK felt like Christmas come early. But their hopes could be dashed. It seems he may be still considering staying in the UK. Bah humbug.

Featured image via Youtube/Good Morning Britain.

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