The BBC responds to a viral video exposing its ‘magic child’ broadcast on Theresa May’s Brexit deal

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The BBC has responded to a viral video exposing a strange broadcast edit on Theresa May’s Brexit deal. The broadcaster stands accused of editing footage to make a member of the public look happy with May:

Speaking to the Canary, the BBC said:

The effect was caused from a loose frame accidentally left on the end of the edit, after the contributor had finished speaking. We didn’t mean to spook anyone.

“Distorted” coverage

The thing is, viewers have long been concerned about the BBC’s coverage of the Conservative government, especially while it’s in crisis. Recently, Evolve Politics revealed that a vicar who defended May’s Brexit deal on BBC Newsnight is also an actor who has appeared numerous times on BBC shows.

On the flip side, academic studies have determined overwhelming BBC bias against Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. Analysing media coverage of Labour and antisemitism during summer 2018, professors at Goldsmiths found the BBC making several “false statements or claims”, along with “inaccurate” and “distorted” coverage.

In light of the BBC’s previous coverage, it doesn’t look like viewers are prepared to give the broadcaster the benefit of the doubt. And when the government is in crisis, the BBC seems to go the extra mile to protect it.

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