Watch Aaron Bastani upset Dan Hodges with Corbyn’s achievements, live on Sky News

Aaron Bastani and Dan Hodges
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On 17 January, independent journalist Aaron Bastani upset Mail on Sunday commentator Dan Hodges by outlining Jeremy Corbyn’s achievements on Sky News.

The Novara Media co-founder said:

The game the Labour Party leadership has played has clearly been very coherent. It culminated in the government suffering the greatest defeat of any government this century. We’ve had 32 resignations from government since June 2017. The government has been defeated more times in the last 18 months than the governments of John Major, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, David Cameron combined. So clearly, this is a very effective opposition, despite what Dan may submit.

Also, if Corbyn’s Labour hadn’t removed May’s majority in 2017, many of these achievements would have been impossible.

‘Blame the Tory hard-Brexit brigade’

Speaking about the current Brexit deadlock, meanwhile, Bastani said:

What happens next… is actually down to a very small clique of fanatical anti-European Tory MPs. They’re known as the ERG [European Research Group]. Now there clearly is a consensus in the House of Commons for some kind of a customs union…

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There’s the ability for compromise there. The people to blame here – it’s not Yvette Cooper, it’s not Hilary Benn, it’s not Jeremy Corbyn, it’s the ERG.

It looks like May is winding down the clock to a ‘no deal’ situation in order to blackmail MPs. By contrast, Corbyn seems willing to help build a consensus in parliament. And on Sky News, Bastani hammered that home.

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  • Show Comments
    1. I’m glad for to read how Jeremy Corbyn has been an effective leader of the opposition in print.
      it’s interesting to note how flexible the EU is to work out a deal, and yet the Tories have done nothing to work out any deal at all.
      Nothing in 2 years……
      Wasting time.

    2. How to call an election, and what will be the topic to force an election is now the question.
      I’m thinking the topic which will force an election is ‘that the Tory party never intended to do anything but have a no Brexit deal” right from the begining. The lastest news story to relect this truth is when Corbyn refused to engage in discussions about Brexit unless the no deal was taken off the table. May refused. Also the contempt of parliament charge for not sharing any information on the deal May made.
      If you go back in the press releases there was never anything anyone could really point to as a deal detail.
      Vagueness reigned supreme making it incredible frustrating for people to be engaged.
      The use of jargon language was fluent without any real life substance using any analogies anyone could easily understand.
      The business community isn’t as astute politically as it should of been , and arrived way too late on this no deal Brexit scene. The fact that the Tories never intended to do anything but a no deal Brexit will make people utterly furious.
      I think there is enough evidence to compile why this is true by James Wright the indefatigable to challenge the Tories on this.
      Call them out on it, and maybe Corbyn is listening.

    3. So perhaps about 70 extreme Brexiteers rule the country? I tThey appear to myself to look like privateers from the 17th century and ready to pounce on the democracy. As you can’t say there is any paraliamentarian spirit transforming the debate into any sensibility, nor is it allowed to happen by not taking no deal off the table.
      An article reflecting a sensibility about Brexit is found however in the Globe, and Mail on January 19th written by Elizabeth Renzetti. It head lines ” No lifeboats for the young on the good ship Brexit” She says there is no scenario where the kids came out on top, and were set to lose up to $180,000 in lost income by 2050.
      She goes on to say “these are the people who have the most to lose, yet have the least influence over their fate”
      , and that ” the SNP’s Mhairi Black, the youngest MP at the age of 24, took the Conservatives to task for their chaotic fumbling of Brexit” Ms. Black said ” there’s not a hint of regret or even an awareness of the damage they are doing” She’s right . And almost certainly no one will listen”
      Its like life in WW1 England being led by Generals who are now renown for their stupidity to inflict a collassal impact on their young, and economically devalute their country’s wealth by half.
      Just a gentler version try as they May.

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