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Jeremy Corbyn is definitely a ‘dangerous hero’. Nice one Mail.

Jeremy Corbyn

The Mail on Sunday devoted 15 pages to exclusive extracts from a new book about Jeremy Corbyn. Tom Bower’s book, Dangerous Hero: Corbyn’s Ruthless Plot For Power, claims to uncover “the truth about the Marxist who wants to be PM”. But the latest episode in the ongoing smear campaign against Corbyn backfired. Spectacularly. In fact, it backfired so badly that Corbyn supporters took the “Dangerous Hero” tag and ran with it, to boost his popularity.

“Obvious falsehoods and laughable claims”

Bower is, allegedly, “Britain’s top investigative author”. But the extracts simply reveal a torrid barrage of insults and unfounded insinuations. Although the Mail claims the book “paints a chilling picture of a bitter extremist hiding behind a mask of geniality”, the most chilling thing about it was the atrocious writing.

Most of the ‘investigation’ is total bullshit. For example, according to Bower, Labour’s strategy & communications director Seumas Milne briefs The Canary to smear Corbyn’s opponents:

Meanwhile, the relentless campaign against his enemies was directed from the Labour leader’s office. Milne and others ‘anonymously’ briefed social media websites such as The Canary and Squawk Box [sic] to target anyone who stood up to them.

The Canary can categorically confirm it’s never had such a brief. Labour’s press office also confirmed what a load of tosh Bower’s book is:

“Invented conversations” and “laughable claims” aside, the Mail actually gave Corbyn a well-timed popularity boost. This was partly because Bower’s claims are so ludicrous:

…and, quite simply, wrong:


So “Dangerous Hero” took social media by storm. But probably not in the way the right-wing rag intended. It didn’t take long for people to point out that Corbyn is indeed a ‘dangerous hero’. #DangerousHero is still going strong – in full support of Corbyn:

Many people pointed out the huge difference between Corbyn and Theresa May’s response to the Grenfell tower survivors:

Because Corbyn genuinely does do politics in a different way:

A true hero is someone who doesn’t mind helping people out:

And Corbyn’s in pretty good company with a few other people the Mail branded ‘dangerous’:

Indeed, the Mail‘s hatchet job was the kind of PR stunt that would cost a fortune:

And it’s actually boosted Labour membership:

Meanwhile, many people feel that the Mail‘s desperation is a clear sign not only of a Tory Party in panic but a potential general election;

But aside from the outpouring of support for Corbyn, many people pointed out a more serious side to the Mail‘s so-called journalism:

And to Bower’s problematic political stance:

As Ken Loach told The Canary, he’s convinced that the closer Corbyn gets to power, the worse the attacks and smears will get. This blatant propaganda could be evidence of that. Yet, time and time again, the mainstream media ignores the fact that Labour’s membership has surged under Corbyn’s leadership. It now has far and away the biggest membership of any UK party. So those grassroots members took the latest attack and well and truly owned it. As well as being the ‘absolute boy‘ Corbyn’s now a dangerous hero. Nice one, Mail.

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