Here’s the Tory Party deputy chair’s unbelievable excuse for ‘celebrating’ a physical attack on Corbyn

James Cleverly and Jeremy Corbyn
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James Cleverly is trying to row back after effectively applauding a physical assault on Jeremy Corbyn.

Someone reportedly hit the Labour leader, while holding an egg, as he visited a mosque on 3 March. In response, Rachel Riley – one of the ‘get Corbyn’ brigade’s major players – seemed to defend the assault by associating him with Adolf Hitler’s regime. Essentially, she suggested that Corbyn deserved an egging because he’s ‘a Nazi’.

The Conservative Party deputy chair responded to Riley’s tweet with a massive thumbs up. Or rather, he posted a gif involving the word “BOOM!”. Cleverly’s reaction has, however, caused quite the stir, with it seemingly promoting violence against public officials. So amid calls for his resignation or suspension, he’s come up with an excuse for his behaviour.


The attack on Corbyn happened while he visited Finsbury Park Mosque. Some reports also claim that the perpetrator attempted to punch the Labour leader. The Metropolitan Police have arrested a man on suspicion of assault. But Riley appeared to think Corbyn had it coming:

Cleverly did too, it seems. As he replied to Riley’s tweet with a gif that suggested it was spot on:

His apparent endorsement of violence against a member of parliament didn’t go down well though:

What I meant to say…

So Cleverly quickly tried to ‘clarify’ what he meant in his original tweet:

The supposed hypocrisy Cleverly was trying to ‘highlight’ came from journalist Owen Jones. Because in the linked tweet Riley posted, Jones effectively argued that ex-BNP leader Nick Griffin was egged because he’s a Nazi. As Jones explained, however, there’s a vital difference between the two situations:

Nonetheless, Cleverly doubled down on his excuse:

Double standards

Clearly, Cleverly doesn’t want to admit that he’s messed up. But he has, on many levels. Firstly, Corbyn is not a Nazi, by any stretch of the imagination. So Riley’s attempt to insinuate that is slanderous. And Cleverly’s wholehearted endorsement of her tweet makes him complicit in that smear.

Furthermore, the police are investigating an “assault” on Corbyn. So Cleverly’s celebratory reaction to Riley’s aspersion does come across as condoning violence. Finally, the words and actions of a number of parliamentarians – especially on matters of abuse and hate – are massively under scrutiny right now. In light of that, how on earth did he think he’d get away with this?

Well, the proof is in the pudding. Because he is getting away with it. There’s barely a murmur about this scandal in the mainstream press. It seems that politicians can do whatever the hell they like, as long as they’re not Corbyn or supporters of him. No wonder Cleverly doesn’t feel compelled to apologise or come up with a better excuse. Because the establishment isn’t going to call him out on it anyway.

Featured image via Sky News/YouTube and Channel 4 News/YouTube

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    1. “Essentially, she suggested that Corbyn deserved an egging because he’s ‘a Nazi’.”

      I understand Rachel is taking libel proceedings against people making this claim. Just saying…

        1. Pretty clear to anyone with basic English that she’s mocking Jones’ hypocrisy in opposing violence only against politicians he supports. Much like here at the Dead Parrot where no one uttered a peep about violence against politicians before now.

          1. I think the Jo Cox case got covered fairly well across the board, apart from Galloway being assaulted and that Osbourne fella heading to London to Kill Corbyn and Kahn I cant remember any other major incidents of violence aimed directly at politicians in recent years. Obviously Anna Soubry being harangued outside of parliament is not comparable.

            For the record Nick Griffin and the BNP are actual Nazi lovers with fascistic ideologies. To compare Him or his actions to anything Corbyn has ever done or championed is either wilful ignorance, partisan hackery or just plain stupidity. Which are you guilty of Jimmy since you seem to agree with her conflation of the definition of a Nazi?.

            1. Well he does like to boast about his speech to the largest pro fascist rally in British history. Oh and he hates Jews.

          2. Are you referring to the march against the invasion of Iraq Jimmy?. I remember it well as I was there (along with over a million other people) and it was my 30th birthday that day.

            You do know the invasion of Iraq was illegal don’t ya Jimmy?. Bush, Blair and Murdoch should be facing war crimes at the Hague for their part in the murder of millions and the decimation of a region.

            So again, please provide anything with substance that backs up your claim that he hates Jews because that last offering was pathetic and had absolutely nothing to do with the Jewish community.

            You’re still coming over as a bit silly here Jimmy.

            1. It’s been in the news quite a lot lately, but I suppose if you get your news from blogs then you miss stuff. There’s a pretty good summary here

          3. “It’s been in the news quite a lot” ha ha, really Jimmy? I hadn’t noticed.

            So we have established that you have absolutely nothing of substance, apart from quoting the msm smears and linking a Jewish Chronicle (not biased in the slightest eh)article about an MP resigning over criticism of Israel.

            Which story of anti-Semitism has shocked you the most from all of the 8 resigning members who quoted anti-Semitism as their reason for leaving?. They all left in outrage so must have had plenty of examples to tell us all about, which do you think was most damning?.

            Are you aware that anti-Semitism claims have been levelled at only 0.1% of Labour members?. Are you also aware that 14 tories have been sacked for islamophobia?. You do realise this is all projection from the bigoted, right wing, anti-immigrant, Islamophobic Tory government?.

            One last chance to redeem yourself Jimmy lad or risk your words hanging here and leaving you looking extremely silly. Give us your best evidence of how Corbyn “hates Jews” or is anti-Semitic… Go!.

          4. I read the letter Jimmy, if you did too please point out the evidence of anti-Semitism or of Corbyns hatred for Jews?.

            Him claiming it was a toxic environment means nothing when the government are openly creating a hostile environment for bame citizens, like all of the other quitters he has failed to outline any significant cases of this “widespread” problem. Give me something that is on par with BoJo’s letterbox comments… Or the windrush scandal.

            Well Jim lad, you failed miserably here in justifying the repeated propaganda but succeeded in proving a useful idiot for the right wing press.

            Voting UKIP by any chance?.

          5. Corbyn voted to remain Jimmy.

            You have not done very well here have you Jimmy, any examples of anti-Semitism and Jew hatred yet Jimmy?. It must be easy to provide at least one example Jimmy, or are you going to sidestep the question again Jimmy?

            1. Like I said. Read the letter. No end of examples.

              And Corbyn likes the EU as much as he likes Jews.

            1. Well unless I’m talking to a racist who simply refuses to engage with the content then no I shouldn’t.

          6. So now I’m a racist?. This is getting old already jimmy, you cant just throw accusations around when you are losing a valid argument. That makes you no better than the snowflakes crying anti-Semitism over legitimate criticisms of the right wing Israeli government.

            You wont post an example because you cannot!. there is nothing but conjecture and emotion. Facts don’t care about your feelings Jimmy, now post an example from anywhere of Corbyn being an actual anti-Semite or of how he “hates Jews”.

            You say these things but cannot back them up at all, you are just bleating and repeating right wing talking points, put up or shut up you pathetic excuse for a man.

            1. I showed you a letter with a list of examples of racist behaviour and you indicated you think they’re all fine. I simply drew the logical conclusion.

          7. Jimmy!. There are no cases of actual racism in that letter just insinuations, I put it to you that anti-immigration and islamophobia is rife in the Tory party with actual provable cases and 14 ministers sacked for racist posts on social media and the right wing press is deflecting the real issue and perpetuating the projection that JC is the racist. It is clear to anyone who is actually paying attention but it distracts empty heads like you into bleating nonsense like “Corbyn hates Jews” without question. You are the epitome of a useful idiot… Well done.

            BTW, I will be dusting off my twitter account and holding you to account every day until you admit that there is absolutely no evidence of Corbyn being an anti-Semite or that he “hates Jews”. Either post a credible example of an actual case of anti-Semitism or retract your words and admit that you don’t really know for sure and it might just be a media smear campaign.

            1. “There are no cases of actual racism in that letter ”

              I rest my case.

          8. You can’t rest your case before you have even made it Jimmy. That letter is littered with the words “I believe” and “I feel” and it does not equate to proof of anything, facts don’t care about your beliefs or feelings remember.

            So last chance Jimmy… Please provide proof the Corbyn is an anti-Semite and that he “hates Jews”.. They are your words and you can’t even defend them!. pathetic.

            You disappoint me Jimmy, I thought you would at least try to justify your stance and bring some ambiguous cases for me to dismantle. but you got nothing except a JP propaganda piece full of platitudes with no real substance.

            Keep pushing this nonsense though Jimmy, you are actually helping to speed up the recognition of this over conflation and it will be de-weaponised sooner because of it… Then we can really deal with the zealots and heretics. I suggest you choose your side of history wisely Jimmy.

            1. You think this is made up by Jews as part of a conspiracy. You make my case for me.

          9. You put words in my mouth and claim fake outrage… You are just cementing your case for being a bleating heretic. You made the claims that you cannot back up and when challenged you play the victim and cry anti-Semite… you see how lame your arguments are and how it will be easily deflated which it should be as it detracts from actual cases of racism and anti-Semitism.

            So after all the bluster Jimmy you are just a hacky gobshite paying lip service for racist right wing governments and media outlets, sucks to be you Jimmy and I pity ya son. Try to do better in future lad.

            Good luck.

    2. I was completely confused by this article until I realised where Owen Jones’s original tweet came from.

      I generally admire Owen. This tweet, however, was ill-judged. It doesn’t really matter if Nick Griffin is a Nazi; it’s still not OK to throw an egg at him. Statements like this have a way of emerging out of the past and rebounding on you.

      If Owen’s tweet then gets misused by others, that is a different matter. The original tweet was a mistake. (And we all make them!)

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