Pro-establishment hacks are tearing their hair out over Bercow’s Brexit ruling

John Bercow, Dan Hodges and Daniel Hannan
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Pro-establishment hacks have been tearing their hair out over parliamentary speaker John Bercow’s Brexit ruling.

The rule-book is clear

On 18 March, Bercow announced that Theresa May cannot table a third binding vote on her Brexit withdrawal agreement without introducing significant legal changes. In other words, MPs have already rejected May’s deal twice in the greatest and fourth greatest government defeats in history. So Bercow, who is essentially the Commons’ referee, has now invoked a parliamentary rule that states:

A motion or an amendment which is the same, in substance, as a question which has been decided during a session may not be brought forward again during that same session.

May’s apparent strategy has been to run down the clock towards no-deal in order to blackmail MPs into supporting her withdrawal agreement. But Bercow’s ruling seems to have scuppered her plan. And it’s safe to say that members of the pro-Brexit establishment are p*ssed off.

Meltdown #1: An EU puppet

Conservative MEP and leading free-market Brexiteer Daniel Hannan was particularly annoyed. He blamed the “EU’s Hideous Strength” for Bercow upholding parliamentary rules:

Meltdown #2: “The Brexit destroyer”

The right-wing pro-Brexit media, meanwhile, went straight for its playbook and painted Bercow as a “Remainer” saboteur:

Yet May is the prime minister who negotiated a deal with 27 EU member states before even getting agreement on her own side first.

Meltdown #3: “This can’t go on much longer”

Mail on Sunday commentator Dan Hodges has been ranting on Twitter since the announcement:

But Bercow isn’t actually citing a precedent. He is upholding an official parliamentary rule that at least four different speakers have reasserted over the years. Ultimately, the speaker decides whether a motion is substantially different enough. And Bercow argued that the second vote met the requirements:

In my judgement that second meaningful vote motion did not fall foul of the convention about matters already having been decided during the same session.

This was because it could credibly be argued that it was a different proposition from that already rejected by the House on January 15.

It contained a number of legal changes which the government considered to be binding and which had been agreed with the EU after further intensive discussions.

Meltdown #4: “Sabotage!”

Downing Street was unaware that Bercow’s announcement was coming. And May’s office wasn’t pleased, accusing Bercow of sabotaging Brexit. But May could have negotiated a cross-party Brexit solution that commands a majority in the Commons before agreeing it with the EU. Instead, she took executive control over the negotiations and ignored the views of parliament until the final stage.

In short, Bercow is simply doing his job. And those attacking him look ridiculous. It’s obvious who is to blame for this mess.

Featured image via YouTube – Guardian News / YouTube – 5 News / YouTube – BrexitCentral

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    1. Well, It’s nice to see that the right wing hacks who work for our extremely fascist, lying, cheating, propaganda organisation for this sorry excuse for a Government are getting a taste of dissent. Well done Mr Speaker for standing up for what is right – it’s about time somebody in May’s Government did. Dan Hodges needs to know that the truth IS getting out there to the public despite the MSMs greatest efforts to support this Government at any cost however corrupt, dishonest, incompetent and criminal that they are. No doubt Mr Speaker will now suffer a sustained vitriolic and malicious, vicious campaign against him by the MSM – not as virulent as that they are mounting against Jeremy Corbyn, but intense no doubt. Well Dan Hodges, it is now the time for the MSM to deliver some proper, unbiased journalism and recognise how corrupt, incompetent and dishonest this Tory Government actually is. The long defence of the indefensible is impossible.

      It is a fact that May, as Corbyn has said throughout all of this, that May has been ‘running down the clock’ in order to blackmail MPs, at the very last minute, to vote for her very bad, rotten deal which she executed herself without first consulting her own Cabinet and Parliament. In fact, Corbyn has been right all along hasn’t he: ‘Take a No Deal off the table then we can talk’, ‘Stop running down the clock’ and so on and so forth – the only Politician who is looking and acting like a proper Leader – which he is.

      It’s all May’s fault and hers alone just so she can keep hold of power and putting the Party before the Nation. So Dan Hodges should be hugely critical of her not of Bercow – in fact all the MSM should be. My Goodness, if this were a Labour Government they would have been baying for blood a long time ago.

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