Glenn Greenwald shames both Trump and establishment Democrats in one blow amid new Venezuela coup attempt

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The Venezuelan coup attempt is currently in its “the final phase”, according to US-backed opposition leader Juan Guaidó. But as key US Republicans and establishment Democrats back the latest intensification of the coup attempt, award-winning journalist Glenn Greenwald has shamed them all by reminding them of their supposed opposition to foreign political “meddling”.

Venezuela: a perfect example of US “meddling”

Guaidó is calling for military defections and asking Venezuelan people to take to the streets. He’s demanding that people support efforts to oust Nicolás Maduro’s democratically elected government. As he did so, Donald Trump’s secretary of state, Mike Pompeo, backed Guaidó’s call for military action:


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Glenn Greenwald has previously criticised establishment Democrats for obsessing over alleged Russian ‘meddling’ to get Trump elected in 2016 even though there is little evidence to prove such an allegation. But Greenwald knows meddling when he sees it. And in response to Pompeo’s support for the coup attempt in Venezuela, he tweeted:

Fellow journalist Michael Tracey echoed that sentiment, saying:

Just last week, a scathing report suggested that US sanctions have killed 40,000 people in Venezuela since 2017.

Establishment Democrats backing Trump’s meddling

Trump’s Republican administration has openly supported this attempted coup from the outset. But as his favoured media outlet Fox News has claimed, “a growing number” of “Democratic Venezuelan-Americans” have questioned “whether their party’s actions go far enough”. It also criticised “a new generation of outspoken, progressive Democrats” who’ve opposed the attempted coup in Venezuela. Ilhan Omar, for example, previously grilled Elliott Abrams, Trump’s special envoy to Venezuela, over US interference.

But as Greenwald pointed out when key establishment Democrats shared the Fox story, their ‘analysis’ was riddled with ‘deceit’, ‘lies’ and hypocrisy:

Former Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein also took aim at both the Democrats and corporate media for effectively ‘rubber-stamping war for profit’ in Venezuela:

US imperialism

Events are moving fast. As The Canary reported, the current situation depends on the number of military defections Guaidó can achieve. Maduro has insisted that all the country’s commanders remain loyal to the government. But civil war can’t yet be ruled out.

As journalist Owen Jones tweeted, the world needs to remember the immense damage the US has caused in the past before championing civil war or military intervention in Venezuela:

Indeed, this would be far from the first time that US meddling has caused death and destruction in a Latin American country. As The Canary previously noted:

The US has long used CIA operations to spread its influence abroad. This meant supporting numerous coups, campaigns of state terror and brutal far-right dictatorships. In recent years, this agenda has continued – just in slightly different ways – in ParaguayHondurasBrazil and (so far unsuccessfully) in Venezuela and Nicaragua.

The next few hours and days are crucial to determine Venezuela’s future. But Greenwald is absolutely spot on to call out both Republicans and establishment Democrats for supporting yet more US meddling abroad.

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    1. The US is showing its true TERRORIST colors when they create a COUP to take over a legally two term Socialist GOVT in Venezuela that they cannot accept, also lets not forget that Trump also said they want that oil from the largest known reserve on earth. Russia and others must not back down and help the people of Venezuela from the shameful illegal COUP of the US and its puppets.

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