Cornwall says no to rape-apologist, sexist fascists in the best possible way

Protest signs and sexist, racist fash
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On 10 May, Cornwall delivered a powerful message to right-wing, sexist ‘campaigners’. Carl Benjamin, a UKIP MEP hopeful, and former Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopoulos visited Truro. But as they spoke to a handful of supporters in the rain, Cornwall sent a clear message. Their odious, vile views are not welcome.

“Milkshakes, fish and jazz music”

Benjamin is currently under police investigation for repeatedly sending sexually violent messages to Labour MP Jess Phillips. Yiannopoulos’s views are so extreme he’s now banned from Facebook. In January, the Australian government cancelled his visa and accused him of spreading comments that “foment hatred and division” following the Christchurch massacre.

The Canary attended the event in Truro.

Some women, including Green Party councillor Amanda Pennington and artist Antonina, held banners that summed up why Benjamin and Yiannopoulos were not welcome:

Before Benjamin and Yiannopoulos even managed to speak, two protesters moved in to throw milkshakes. It was clear from the outset that the pair travel with heavy ‘security’. A group of thugs moved in fast and launched a vicious attack on one protester. One woman did manage to land a full milkshake on the right-wing supporters. Meanwhile, another woman stepped in to limit the severity of the violence. The Canary observed that both had visible injuries following the attack:

For several hours, a local busker heroically played loud trumpet music to drown out the sound of hate speech:

And later in the day, one protester threw fish at Benjamin:

Meanwhile, many people simply ignored Benjamin and Yiannopoulos. They certainly didn’t have many supporters:

“Super callous fragile racist sexist UKIP a***hole”

At one point, Benjamin and Yiannopoulos attempted to intimidate the women peacefully holding banners and Antonina’s giant vagina painting. As Pennington noted, this is what they saw, “when the charming Yiannopoulos and his mob came to take us on”:

This scare tactic failed as the women faced them down:

Pennington told The Canary:

It’s disgusting that UKIP is giving this man a legitimate political platform. It was a tragi-comedy farce yesterday. Milo and Carl are just third rate comedians looking for an audience.

As the Guardian reported, following events in Truro “other Ukip MEP candidates have expressed fears that they could also be targeted with milkshakes while campaigning”. Protestors on two occasions have also successfully landed milkshake on Stephen Yaxley-Lennon (aka Tommy Robinson). So it’s the third time this tactic’s been used in just two weeks.

As Benjamin continues his South West tour he, and all his supporters, should take note. Their vile, sexist, fascist views are not welcome. And as people in Cornwall proved, no one’s scared of them.

Featured image via Emily Apple and Amanda Pennington

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    1. Has the Canary now entered the sensationalist reportage underhand style of the UK tabloids? You’d think so when reading that because of ‘Yiannopoulos’s views…the Australian government cancelled his visa…following the Christchurch massacre.’ One then looks further elsewhere and finds the Australian government subsequently relented and ‘the Morrison government has backed down on banning right-wing speaker Milo Yiannopoulos from entering Australia, amid a backlash…’ against, one assumes, the stifling of free speech – unwelcome though Yiannopoulos’s views may be to mainstream Australia with that ‘free speech’. Just take a look at the guy and you’ll see immediately he’s pretty much a showman with purposefully crafted charming demeanour and somewhat shallow popstar gimmicky presentation that, nevertheless, provides razzmatazz to his ‘rightwing productions’. Entertaining – yes – but hardly to be taken seriously.

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