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Brian Eno unapologetically slams the media campaign to destroy Corbyn, on The Andrew Marr Show

Brian Eno

On The Andrew Marr Show on 21 July, musician Brian Eno unapologetically slammed the media campaign to destroy Jeremy Corbyn.

“Sustained campaign against him”

Eno told Marr:

I have always admired him and trusted him, I suppose, which is not something you can easily say about many politicians. I think that it’s difficult to make an assessment of him when there has been such a sustained campaign against him. So there’s a lot of anti-Corbyn propaganda, and… most of the media – the 85% that one would probably call right-wing media – do their best to tell you every bad story about him, so it’s a little bit difficult to get a picture of him.

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The thing is, the BBC is very much a part of the “sustained campaign” against Corbyn. The public service broadcaster attempts to fend off the threat to the establishment through:

  • Stacking panels and pundits full of anti-Corbyn talking heads. In 19 episodes of Sunday Politics, for instance, right-wingers dominated every show. Left-wingers appeared on three of those episodes.
  • Misrepresenting information concerning Labour, such as selectively editing emails, broadcasting factual inaccuracies, and making images showing Corbyn next to Osama Bin Laden or on the Kremlin sky line.

Recently another celebrity, Hugh Grant, slammed the Sunday Times for launching what he termed “psy ops” against the Labour leader. With Labour ahead in a number of polls in spite of the smear campaign, it seems many people are seeing through it. Eno spoke for many on The Andrew Marr Show.

Featured image via YouTube – Will Pollard

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    1. It is so obvious is it not. The BBC s panorama Hatchet job with a well known anti Corbyn front person John Ware. The Times once a great newspaper publishing rubbish to placate the anti Corbyn agenda of Morduch > it is so obvious that even the politically illiterate British public are seeing through it. The question is why the agenda, even with the PLP Blairites .? The BBC a public broadcaster that is supposed to be impartial produces a program with a total anti Corbyn BIAS. there WAQS NO BALANCE .The same with the Times now just another right wing rage .
      What ever ones Political views there is a serious need to change .

    2. Establishment media such as the BBC, formerly largely impartial, now closing ranks with other right wing outlets to eradicate challenges to the corporate narrative. The new world order is upon us, those who challenge it can taste “Belmarsh” or “Gitmo” if need be.

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