The latest botched attack on Corbyn gets hilariously debunked by Twitter

Jeremy Corbyn and torn up membership card
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In recent months, we’ve seen a spree of Twitter accounts ‘reluctantly’ cutting up their Labour membership cards. They claimed they’ve been forced to leave the party over Jeremy Corbyn. So Labour members hatched a plan to prove just how unreliable such claims can be. And centrists are really not going to like it.

I reluctantly resign

The card-cutting sham became even more transparent with the bogus #ResignForChris campaign. Anti-Labour troll accounts began posting images of a cut up Labour membership card, claiming they’d resigned over the treatment of Derby MP Chris Williamson. The problem was they kept using the same image. Although some occasionally rotated it a little so it looked fresh.

Ruined Labour membership card
Images via Skwawkbox

Ruined Labour membership card

Ruined Labour membership card

It didn’t take long for left-wingers to spot the ruse and immediately begin the fightback.

Anything centrists can do, the left can do better

Leftie Twitter realised that what centrists did so badly, they could do well. And so began a new spree. This time, it involved ‘centrists’ quitting the Tories and Lib Dems over, well, all the awful things they’ve done over the last decade:

Torn up Waitrose card

The smearing of Jeremy Corbyn

Just one year into his leadership of the Labour party, Corbyn had become the most smeared politician in UK history with 75% of media reports about Corbyn misrepresenting him.

Corbyn’s socialist premiership would break the near half-century dominance of one political ideology: neoliberalism. And this has made him two very powerful enemies. The media class – serving the interest of billionaire oligarchs. And the political class – right and ‘centre’ – because socialism represents a threat to both. Since the arrival of Blair’s New Labour, middle class centrists had been able to vote in their own class interest while masquerading as progressives. But the arrival of Corbyn created a problem, because the New Labour chickens had come home to roost. Only radically rebuilding the welfare state and public services will help address the chronic poverty and job insecurity facing Britain today.

Centrists could vote to end austerity, re-invest in the NHS, and renationalise the public services failing due to botched privatisations. But they’d have to vote against their class interest to do so. Their taxes may go up slightly. They may lose their peerage if Corbyn abolishes the House of Lords. And it turns out that for most of them, their own privilege matters more. Rather than admit this, to themselves or anyone else, they conjured the smears. And this gave them reasons to hate Corbyn that have nothing to do with policy.

These smears have become so baseless and contradictory as to be laughable. They didn’t so much jump the shark as launch it into space on the back of a unicorn. So mockery is precisely the correct response. Endless, bountiful mockery.

Featured image via Wikimedia Commons/ Twitter

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