Even a former Conservative chair is trashing Johnson’s childish distraction tactics

Boris Johnson
Ed Sykes

Boris Johnson has been failing miserably to do his job as prime minister. It’s both embarrassing and exciting to watch. And now, even a former Conservative chair has felt the need to speak up.

Childish distractions that won’t work

Johnson and his right-wing media pals are desperately trying to portray opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn as a chicken. Why? Because he’s putting country before party and demanding the government takes a no-deal Brexit off the table before committing to a general election. This is consistent with his recent calls for a caretaker government to stop a no-deal Brexit before having a general election and then a second Brexit referendum.

But as Johnson’s team doubles down on its ‘chicken’ campaign, one former Conservative chair is thoroughly unimpressed. And she publicly scolded her colleagues for acting like children:

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Former Tory Nick Boles, meanwhile, tweeted:

Labour MPs, meanwhile, pointed out that Johnson’s efforts were becoming increasingly desperate:

People also wondered if this was the best that privately-educated Johnson could do:

In short, many people think Johnson’s push for an election as soon as possible is a distraction. It’s a distraction from his uselessness and powerlessness, and it’s a distraction from the fact that a quick election would probably be bad for both his opponents and British voters on the whole.

Register to vote, because an election is coming. Just not when Johnson wants it.

Reports have now revealed one potential reason why Johnson is pushing so hard for a quick election. And opposition MPs weren’t about to let this go unnoticed:

But it seems many people didn’t need reminding to register. Because all week, people have been registering to vote in their droves – and especially young people:

The British public desperately needs and deserves a general election. Jeremy Corbyn knows that more than anyone, and has consistently demanded one. He knows that taking Britain back from the cliff edge isn’t just about stopping a no-deal Brexit, but also about getting the Tories out of power. Because they’ve imposed unnecessary austerity policies, which centrists like the Liberal Democrats have enabled. And just one of these policies – cutting public health spending – has led to over 130,000 premature deaths in the UK.

That’s why we need a general election as soon as a no-deal Brexit is off the table. And that’s why we need everyone in Britain to register to vote. Because this is the opportunity of a lifetime to change the direction we’re going in, and everyone should have a say.

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