The Jewish Chronicle’s latest attack on Jeremy Corbyn is an absolute piece of work

Jeremy Corbyn meets with Labour members in a grocers to talk about Rosh Hashanah
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As the Jewish Chronicle makes clear in its reporting, it’s not a fan of Jeremy Corbyn. Most recently, it’s published an article decrying a video released by the Labour leader. It’s an absolute piece of work.

The Earth

Corbyn released a video on 29 September:

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In the video, Corbyn spoke with Jewish Labour Party members about Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year. As member Sue Lukes explains, in the Jewish religion:

it’s the anniversary of the day in which the world was created

Traditionally during Rosh Hashanah, Jewish people eat apples with honey. One of Corbyn’s companions talked about apples being the “fruit of the earth” and the importance placed within Judaism on good stewardship of the earth. This led the group to talk about the climate crisis engulfing the planet, the efforts of young people to get the world to act on it and Labour’s plans to tackle it.


This, however, was way out of line according to the Jewish Chronicle and those it cites in the article. The outlet accused Corbyn of ‘sidelining’ the “festival’s central message of self-reflection and repentance” and using the visit to the grocers “as a way to promote Labour’s “Green Industrial Revolution” programme”.

But to suggest that the notions of self-reflection and repentance – examining who you are and amending for misdeeds – can not in any way relate to the climate crisis is nonsense. Indeed, the Board of Deputies of British Jews has itself addressed the link:

Of course, no-one has to self-reflect on our species’ role in climate crisis, or repent for the things we’ve done that have brought us here. But if that’s what these Jewish people choose to do on Rosh Hashanah, why can’t they?

The Jewish Chronicle has an answer to that. Because, as its headline suggests, they’re the ‘wrong kind’ of Jewish people:

Outrage over Corbyn’s Rosh Hashanah video featuring activist who said Kaddish for Hamas members

Vilify them

The Jewish Chronicle has something critical to point out about all of the people who accompanied Corbyn to the grocers. Most notably, it told readers that Rob Abrams was:

a left-wing activist who led a public Jewish prayer for dead Hamas members during the 2018 Gaza border conflict

This triggered outrage of its own from people who know Abrams:

In fact, the Jewish Chronicle‘s own previous article on the event in question includes the Kaddish group’s comments on their actions. A spokesperson said:

We have watched the violence unfolding in Gaza, particularly over the past few days, and felt anguished that the State of Israel, which claims to be a Jewish State, is inflicting such immense suffering on Palestinians.

As The Canary previously reported, a UN inquiry found that Israeli soldiers may be responsible for “war crimes” for their actions during the Great March of Return in 2018, where they:

killed and maimed Palestinian demonstrators who did not pose an imminent threat of death or serious injury to others when they were shot, nor were they directly participating in hostilities.

A piece of work

So there you have it. Corbyn talked with Jewish people about the importance of the climate crisis in relation to their religious beliefs and the Jewish Chronicle branded it ‘outrageous’ – and it launched a bogus attack on one of those people in the process. What an absolute piece of work the article is.

Featured image via Twitter – Jeremy Corbyn

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    1. “This is a disgraceful attack on an extraordinarily compassionate human being and close friend of mine. Rob is one of the most dedicated, hard working and deeply caring people. He organised Kaddish for Palestinian victims of Israel’s onslaught – not Hamas.”

      Just as Israel holds any attempt to criticise its policies as racist to be antisemitic, thus conflating Israeli government policy with the whole of Judaism, so the conflation works to reverse effect by conflating Hamas with Palestinians. Such a narrow definition of a people either to demonise or exalt them is surely the very essence of racism, and the humanity of a man like Rob Abrams is its antithesis.

    2. It’s time the Jewish Chronicle engaged in reflection and repentance. In taking the stance they do they not only increase the chances of depriving Britain of the government it sorely needs but they debase actual anti Semitism and make it more dangerous for Jews. Many Jews have suffered and through that suffering recognise it and want to alleviate that for others. to my mind that makes them exactly the right sort of Jew not the wrong ones as in their eyes.

    3. I suppose when one reflects it means suffering in the eyes of this Chronicle of Propaganda.
      Austerity must be loved by the Chronicle as a way of finding salvation in searching one’s soul.
      It must be the only way they are motivated.
      Inspiration, happiness, human goodness couldn’t be in their code of behavior as having any use.
      To reflect is to suffer, and it can’t be a very broad minded search beyond the confines of the trouble. Narrow minded suffering. How drab dreay, and dull is the Chronicle.
      They don’t deserve the name Jewish.

    4. It’s a pity the Jewish faith can be traduced in this way. Judaism is not Zionism. Freedom of religious belief is a fundamental human right. Apples and honey? How can they not be related to climate change? The bee population is under threat. This is a shabby attempt to undermine Corbyn and to denigrate Jews who do not follow a narrow Zionist line.

    5. Just yesterday there was another report from Palestine where another Palestinian female medic was shot by the IDF and I thought, on the Western Front at least, WWII German soldiers tried not to target medics.

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