Media hacks lionise a vicar with some serious skeletons in his closet to smear Jeremy Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn and preist
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The corporate media spent 13 November reporting on a man who’d heckled Jeremy Corbyn with typical right-wing smears. But people quickly pointed out that this man had also previously expressed ‘Islamophobic’ and ‘homophobic’ views.

Anything to smear Corbyn

Reverend Richard Cameron heckled Jeremy Corbyn, shouting the right-wing smear that he’s somehow a “terrorist sympathiser”:

And on numerous occasions, the press and broadcast media uncritically boosted Cameron:

But people soon highlighted some of the views Cameron had apparently expressed previously:

In a similar vein to his tweeting history, the churchman also shouted at Corbyn:

I thought you’d be wearing your Islamic Jihad scarf?

And on social media, people were aghast:

Corbyn’s scarf had actually come from a charity which works with “care experienced young people and care leavers across Scotland”. And the group later tweeted:

Background checks?

Back in September, the media found the time to check the background of an angry father who confronted Boris Johnson during one of his hospital visits and said:

There are not enough people on this ward, there are not enough doctors, there’s not enough nurses, it’s not well organised enough.

The NHS has been destroyed … and now you come here for a press opportunity.

On that occasion, media hacks outed the man as a “Labour activist“.

With the man heckling Corbyn with unsubstantiated smears on 13 November, however, the background checking seemed slow (though it came eventually):

Too late

In its apparent rush to give a platform to anti-Corbyn smears, then, the corporate media boosted someone accused of both Islamophobic and homophobic views. And while there was eventually some context about where the heckler was coming from, it was too late. Because media hacks had already helped to spread the smears far and wide.

This is utterly unacceptable. And British voters deserve so much better.

Featured image via Sky News/ Twitter

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    1. If the MSM/Press can still get away with spreading lies and smears from a reprehensible man who is a known bigot and hate filled nasty piece of work then we know 100% that the establishment is so corrupt it’s beyond repair under the present regime. We need Corbyn and a democracy and we need it fast.

    2. The regime we are a part of is neither democracy or honest, it is corrupt to the gunnels, with just a handful of genuine people trying to do their best for everyone, but being crushed, silenced, and sidelined at every turn, by truly evil people.

      We need to call things what they are, and what we have been subjected to for over 40 years is true evil, by truly evil people. I know this is strong language, but really, what else constitutes evil, that hasn’t been done to us, or attempted to be done to us already?

      Evil people, running evil schemes, in evil institutions, that is the true landscape of Britain (and many other nations). We desperately need Jeremy Corbyn and people like him, but even with JC in charge, it is not going to be easy to create a real Democracy in this country, because the truly evil people of this World are dead-set against him, people like him, and any form of government which hands real power to people in a Democratic framework.

      We think we are facing a difficult election, we are, however we need to recognise that we are also in a War to free us from evil people’s desires, nothing less. There are 3 camps in this war, those who genuinely love peace and positive human traits , those who don’t care either way, and those who love inflicting pain, suffering, and death on others, for the illusory power it gives them.

      I am certain that many evil people do not see themselves as such, that they think they are good people who just have a difference of opinion which should be respected by all, however there are some things which we should all be vehemently opposed to, and those who desire the enslavement of others and their resources by any means, are simply not good people.

      It is gross self deception to claim that our freedom of choice is a sacrosanct choice to introduce anything, including evil, into the democratic mix. Democracy is not about being able to choose any scheme, or fulfil any personal, or national desire that comes into our minds, that is why we have LAW. Democracy is however about being able to choose a great many things that are conducive with, and towards each other, and there are plenty of differences of opinion within that scope, that allow us to maintain peaceful relations with each other, even if we have different opinions and desires to each other. It is derived from respecting what law is really for, and what freedom of though really is.

      What is being practised today in our nation is not, and never was, Democracy. Democracy is rulership by the People for the People, basically it is the idea that we all decide together everything to do with our mutual living, that is to say, everything that constitutes joint-interest in our lives. Democracy is not an invitation to allow bad laws, despots, crooks, and criminals to rule the rest of us with impunity (which is arguably ALL we and our ancestors have ever had).

      If Labour get in, you can be certain that the likes of the USA will do everything in their power to prevent us from having a fairer, honest, poly-profitable, socialist-capitalist society, even though it will blatantly reveal their true anti-democratic, demonically-evil intent towards us and others, and that intent, if not obvious already, is the same intent reserved for enemies, because the US administration and deep state doesn’t recognise allies as allies, but enemies they have under their thumb. This is why neither country practices democracy, but uses the concept of democracy to hide their despotic intents and actions behind.

      I want to see Jeremy Corbyn get into #10, I then want to see real democracy grow, and I want to protect that against ALL enemies that desire us to fail and suffer for their narrow-minded benefits. This means that those who desire to profit from human suffering, and those who desire to mentally and physically enslave us to their despotic intents are not democracy-minded, and deserve none of the benefits of a democratic system.

      People who say that we should accept evil in our systems because it is weak not to, are in fact the weakest of all creatures. It’s like saying because life is hard, we must make ourselves and our children harder by cruelty, rather than teaching them and ourselves that there is cruelty in life, but as self-aware beings capable of over-riding our instincts with our thoughts (unlike many other creatures), we have real choice, and are fully capable of rejecting evil concepts and desires that clearly are not conducive to any life, let alone ours.

    3. Democracy is a social collective as we have a very social nature. Anyone who thinks to politize this aspect of ourselves as socialism is utterly crazy. The thing about democracy is that it entertains a diversity of opinion in debate. This provides us I think with a variety of views on a single issue which is an utterly sane way to perceive correctly anything. Unlike the Rev. who will have nothing to do with this concept or the Media which are a direct threat to the health of democracy.

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