The billionaire press goes into meltdown as Corbyn’s campaign to become PM goes next level

Jeremy Corbyn
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The billionaire right-wing press was seething on 22 November after Boris Johnson’s performance during the BBC Question Time (BBCQT) leaders’ debate. Like most times Johnson has appeared in front of ordinary people, he was exposed as a lying, blustering racist who can’t be trusted. As Labour MP Laura Pidcock tweeted:

But it’s not just Johnson’s performance. There are signs that Jeremy Corbyn’s campaign to become our next PM has gone next level. And the establishment media really isn’t happy.

Oh, dear, the audience didn’t fawn over Johnson

Now, BBCQT isn’t always known for its lack of bias or balanced audiences. But one thing that stood out during this debate was that all the party leaders were asked tough questions. But this didn’t stop the Express running the headline:

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BBC BIAS: Viewers fuming at pro-Corbyn audience – ‘Another paid question!

Meanwhile, the Daily Mail went with:

BBC faces bias row after Boris Johnson is confronted by hostile audience on Question Time and repeatedly heckled

And the Sun got its knickers in a twist that an actor actually dared to also have political views:

SOAP OPERA BBC blasted for bias as Coronation Street actress who starred in I, Daniel Blake appears in Question Time audience

In fact, a good sign that the campaign might be going badly for the Tories is when the Sun is reduced to using a poll showing that support for the party has gone up among its own readers:

Taking the campaign to the next level

Corbyn certainly didn’t get an easy ride during the debate. But compared to Johnson – and let’s not even mention Jo Swinson – he was the clear winner. But it’s not just the debate itself that’s taken his campaign to the next level. Firstly, there were the crowds outside the debate:

And while Corbyn was greeting the crowds, Johnson was left sneaking in the back door.

Then there’s the news that the drive for voter registration is working. 308,000 people registered to vote in one day – the largest ever voter surge ahead of the deadline day for voting. 200,000 of these new voters are under 35. This is significant for the Labour campaign, because according to YouGov, “age seems to be the new dividing line in British politics”. And young people are much more likely to vote Labour.


Meanwhile, people across the country are out on the streets and on doorsteps, spreading a message of hope – that things can be different. And in Johnson’s seat of Uxbridge, Ali Milani is leading the charge to ‘make history’ in a “neck and neck race” to unseat the PM:

And Labour’s manifesto has given all the people door knocking the ammunition they need to show how transformative a Labour government could be. Whether it’s people or planet, at home or abroad, a Labour government could and can make a difference to all our lives, and that’s the message that’s getting out there.

No wonder the billionaire press barons are going into meltdown.

Featured image via BBC iplayer screengrab

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    1. That billionaire press, along with the privately educated BBC and commercial broadcasting elite, is the filter between politicians, writers, campaigners, activists and the public. Everything it hates is blocked, day by day. Here’s a simple idea: why do we need employees and employers? It’s no more necessary than Lords and vassals. But when do you hear it? It’s blocked out because the lie must perpetuated that the relationship between employee and employer is natural. Some people are born entrepreneurs. It’s in their DNA. If you put that in your GCSE biology exam, you’d fail. But it’s what the media pump out every day. We are supposed to believe Richard Branson has special gifts. No he has money. Einstein had special gifts, Mozart had special gifts, Hawking had special gifts but they weren’t capitalists. What makes a capitalist is dosh, filth, lousy, corrupting dosh.

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