Boris Johnson’s manifesto launch really didn’t get off to a good start

Boris Johnson
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Boris Johnson launched the Conservative Party’s manifesto on 24 November. But he didn’t exactly get the welcome he’d like. Because unlike Jeremy Corbyn’s public appearances, the crowd that came to greet him wasn’t there to support him.

These were the scenes in Telford for the launch:


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Compare and contrast

These scenes will make Johnson even more unhappy when compared to what happens whenever Corbyn makes a public appearance. For example, these were the crowds that greeted Corbyn when he arrived for the leaders’ debate. Johnson, meanwhile, had to sneak into the building:

Not surprising

We shouldn’t be surprised by this reaction, though. Nearly a decade of Conservative-led governments have destroyed our public services. Meanwhile, according to the UN, austerity measures have ‘deliberately’ pushed thousands of people into poverty:

UK standards of well-being have descended precipitately in a remarkably short period of time, as a result of deliberate policy choices made when many other options were available.

In other words, a political choice was made to implement austerity measures; measures that fell:

disproportionately upon the poor, women, racial and ethnic minorities, children, single parents, and people with disabilities.

Another world is possible

And while Labour’s manifesto gives people real hope for transforming the country, the Conservative manifesto promises nothing but more of the same. Johnson keeps repeating his mantra of “get Brexit done”. But it’s still unclear how he hopes to actually start rebuilding the country:

While the manifesto attempts a few headline-grabbing moves, the reality is they will provide no real benefit to the majority of the people in this country. For example, the Institute for Fiscal Studies claims that Johnson’s much-touted national insurance cut will only save people £85 a year. Other initiatives such as very limited free hospital parking only scratch the surface of a much bigger problem:

And the Conservative Party isn’t even pretending that it’ll try and invest in public services:

The choice facing the country on 12 December is crystal clear. Vote for another Etonian who continually lies, and offers empty promises. Or vote for a manifesto of hope and change. The crowds that gather whenever these two leaders appear in public have certainly spoken. Let’s hope the rest of the country follows their example.

Featured image via YouTube

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