Laura Kuenssberg scrapes rock bottom in a pathetic attempt to defend Boris Johnson’s manifesto

Boris Johnson and Laura Kuenssberg
Emily Apple

Boris Johnson launched the Conservative Party’s manifesto on 24 November. Perhaps unsurprisingly, given her previous record, the BBC‘s political editor Laura Kuenssberg couldn’t wait to defend it. But luckily, Twitter users were on hand to set the record straight and ensure her response got the takedown it deserved.

Kuenssberg tweeted:


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“Do no harm”. Seriously.

Twitter users pointed out the very serious harm that the Conservative Party has done and will do to this country:

Meanwhile, other people gave a more realistic assessment of the manifesto:


Many people focused their criticism of Kuenssberg’s statement on her uncritically repeating Johnson’s promise on nurses:

While other people called Kuenssberg out for being a spokesperson for the Conservative Party:

Not the only example

But this wasn’t the only contentious tweet Kuessenberg issued. Earlier in the day she tweeted:

Kuenssberg was reacting to Labour’s promise to compensate the WASPI women who had their pensions stolen by the Conservative government – a pledge that was in the party’s manifesto:

Under the Tories, 400,000 pensioners have been pushed into poverty and a generation of women born in the 1950s have had their pension age changed without fair notification.

This betrayal left millions of women with no time to make alternative plans – with sometimes devastating personal consequences.

Labour recognises this injustice, and will work with these women to design a system of recompense for the losses and insecurity they have suffered.

So hardly a new “massive promise” but backing up a commitment that had already been made.

Meanwhile, on Twitter, people answered the question of how the compensation will be funded:

Another day of BBC News propping up the Tories

It seems that BBC News journalists and editors can’t get through a day without a shameless attempt to prop up Johnson. Whether it’s editing out the real reaction he received from the audience during the leaders’ debate, or the pathetic excuses it made for showing the wrong footage of him on Remembrance Day, BBC News has shown time and again that it can’t be trusted.

This is important. Because unlike other outlets, the BBC is supposed to be impartial. But with journalists like Kuenssberg prepared to scrape rock bottom to defend this failed Conservative government, it’s clear this is a long way from being the case.

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