Bernie Sanders just proposed his best idea yet, live on TV

Bernie Sanders at CBS News debate
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US presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders has just proposed what for some will be his best idea yet, live on a TV debate.

The US president has a key role in determining foreign policy. And Sanders is a longstanding critic of his country’s record of terrorising other countries so they don’t challenge the interests of US elites. As a result, he proposes a big break from the past, starting with honesty about this dark record:


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His opponents have recently sought to attack him over past comments about countries the US sought to crush. But as award-winning journalist Jeremy Scahill stressed, Sanders can easily turn this assault to his favour:

Award-winning colleague Mehdi Hasan also praised Sanders’s “groundbreaking answers” on US foreign policy, tweeting:

Women-led human rights group CODEPINK also seemed impressed:

US state terror

Oil-rich Iran is one country that has faced brutal US interference for many decades. As The Canary detailed previously, the US has consistently terrorised the nation, starting in earnest with a coup in 1953. The US government has also:

  • Maintained close alliances with countless terror-supporting dictatorships, supporting or turning a blind eye to massive humanitarian crises and war crimes in the process.
  • Made regular efforts to overthrow independent governments around the world, via invasions or coups.
  • Killed numerous civilians via drone strikes.

It has also:

  • Sought dominance in Latin America, backing state and non-state terrorists to prevent any kind of social progress or functioning democracy. In doing so, it has contributed to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people (at least). And it’s still killing tens of thousands of people today via brutal sanctions.
  • Launched a disastrous ‘war on terror’ to deal with a situation that grew, in part, from decades of the US backing ultra-conservative extremists (whom Washington itself would now call ‘terrorists’).
  • Caused severe refugee crises through its decades of terror.
  • Trampled all over international law.
  • Celebrated the war criminals responsible for much of the above as if they were heroes.
Sanders’s best idea yet

The current Democratic Party frontrunner to take on Donald Trump in the presidential election later this year, Sanders has numerous progressive policies. But his honesty about the US record of global terror is massive. And it could mark a highly significant shift in US foreign policy. It would also be the first step to honouring all the people who have died and suffered from US terror over the years.

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    1. As a dual citizen I will vote for Bernie if he is nominated. However I will not hold my breath as the DNC will ensure a centerist (GOP Lite) will get the nod. Even then the archaic voting system is benefical to the GOP; the electoral college, red States ensuring minorities cannot vote by closing polling stations in areas where minorities and blacks live and knowing they are unable to travel to a polling station, miles away. Many of these people work 3 jobs to survive and unable to get the time off to vote.Then there is the issue of what is deemed an acceptable form of ID, another ploy by the GOP. My bet is trump will get re-elected and I am looking at Canada as the UK is going the same way with minitrump.

    2. Concern shared, Geordieexpat. The breathtaking openness of GOPers to maintain disenfranchising and gerrymandering routines (for the benefit of “the silent majority”) doesn’t make me think “surely that couldn’t happen here?” like it used to. There used to be a veneer of respectable reasoning put on it in the past; now, they don’t even bother with that.

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