A social media campaign is asking ‘What’s the Tories’ fault?’

Boris Johnson
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A social media campaign is about to launch on Twitter. It’s posing the question: ‘What’s the Tories’ fault?’. And the group behind it want everyone to get involved. There’s a pretty long list to choose from.

Time for a storm

Campaign group BENEFITS NEWS has organised a Twitter storm for Sunday 1 March. It starts at 7pm. The premise is fairly easy: just what exactly is the “Tories’ fault”?

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BENEFITS NEWS told The Canary:

Boris Johnson’s government has got off to a bad start. We know they are the same ole Tories, their complete lack of moral decency and callous ideology has been long established. There are several Tories who should have been booted already. The UK deserves better than this corrupt, conniving lot, so we’re going to expose them some more.

And, given Johnson and co’s track record since December 2019, there’s a fair bit to expose.

All in the space of a few months…

Where to begin with the current government’s track record? How about:

  • A government minister not ruling out chlorinated chicken coming into the UK post-Brexit.
  • At least two court actions over the controversial Universal Credit.
  • The storm over ‘eugenicist’ Downing Street adviser Andrew Sabisky.
  • A thinktank saying that people are still poorer than in 2008.
  • The so-called “Jamaica 50” deportation flight.
  • Government MPs voting down enshrining child refugee’s rights as part of the Brexit agreement.
  • Priti Patel, generally.
  • Johnson doing a vanishing act during repeated floods.
  • The government’s less-than quick response to the coronavirus.
  • A donor of Johnson’s being allegedly complicit in potential war crimes.
  • The ongoing HS2 saga.

We could probably continue.

My precious…?

But BENEFITS NEWS said this Tory government had already “sunk to the deepest depths”. It told The Canary:

It could be suggested CONservatives ‘bought’ their way back in to power, there was little substance to their campaign, they don’t care about the people they harm. Question is, why should the people suffer? We hold the opinion that Tories get away with far too much. Now we have Tolkien’s Gollum in charge, this Government has truly sunk to the deepest depths.

Tolkien’s Gollum being Dominic Cummings, if anyone was in any doubt.

Given the chaos Johnson’s government has already presided over, BENEFITS NEWS’s Twitter storm is aptly timed. So, if you fancy airing your views on what the Tories have done to the people of this country, you know what to do. Get involved from 7pm on 1 March.

Featured image via ©UK-Parliament_Jessica-Taylor

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