Muslims around the world celebrate Eid against a backdrop of resistance

Masjid Al Aqsa

This year’s Eid al-Fitr comes at a time when Muslims around the world are coming together in solidarity. Gaza is under siege from a settler-colonial state. The treatment of Uighur Muslims in detention camps has been declared a ‘crime against humanity’. Black Muslims face multiple oppressions. Kashmiri Muslims continue to live under occupation. Queer Muslims face persecution and rejection.

As ever, Muslims have come together to express grief and hope.


Palestinian activist Muhammad Smiry shared an image of people praying together:

Author Elif Shafak shared thoughts on the heartbreak of Eid celebrations in Palestine:

Others expressed hope for justice:

Grief and hope

Celebrations were beset by grief:

Others turned to strategies for activism as a source of comfort:

The co-founder of Free Rohingya Coalition, a network of Rohingya refugees, shared this message:


Many others made connections between different communities of Muslims:




The horrors of colonialism, racism, and neoliberalism are plain to see. What we can also see, however, is the commitment of Muslims across the world to community and solidarity. Resistance is an act tethered in a hope for a better future. It acts as a balm for a painful present, and a too-often erased history.

Featured image via Unsplash/Raimond Klavins

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