Corporate media silent over Labour Files as Al Jazeera delays part three

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Al Jazeera‘s The Labour Files has caused anger and uproar in much of the left wing of UK politics. The three-part documentary claims to have “the largest leak of documents in British political history”. Much of it covers the time Jeremy Corbyn was party leader. And yet so far, there has been negligible UK corporate media reporting on it. This is, of course, quite predictable – the press was complicit in much of what The Labour Files exposes. Meanwhile, Al Jazeera has run into problems – pulled part three twice from its schedule, finally releasing it late on Tuesday 27 September.

The Labour Files 

Al Jazeera‘s Investigative Unit (I-Unit) has touted the documentary as:

exposing how unelected officials undermined democracy within the Labour Party.

The leaked data comprises 500 gigabytes of documents, emails, video and audio files from the Labour Party dating from 1998 to 2021…

The data reveals how the party’s bureaucrats, whose nominal function is to serve the interests of the party, attempted to undermine members supportive of Jeremy Corbyn

As of 12pm on Tuesday 27 September, Al Jazeera had released the first two episodes:

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Al Jazeera was due to broadcast episode three on Monday 26 September. At first, it delayed it until Tuesday 27. Then, the Al Jazeera I-Unit pulled its tweets about the episode being broadcast. The Canary contacted the I-Unit for comment, but it had not responded at the time of publication.

At around 8:45pm on 27 September, the I-Unit finally released episode three. It seems there was an error in the documentary, as it tweeted the following:

‘Weaponising’ antisemitism

The series comes on top of the Forde Report – with both drawing similar conclusions in some areas. For example, Middle East Eye said that the Forde Report showed:

antisemitism was treated as a ‘factional weapon’ by both supporters and opponents of Jeremy Corbyn in senior party positions.

The Labour Files claimed similar, with Middle East Monitor reporting:

allegations of anti-Semitism were said to have been weaponised to undermine Corbyn. The plan, it seems, was to tarnish Corbyn’s image in the eyes of the British electorate by failing to build a functioning complaints and disciplinary process capable of dealing with allegations of racism.

But as Nasim Ahmed wrote, overall, The Labour Files showed that the “British establishment” led a:

campaign against… [Corbyn]… aided by the right-wing press, as well as self-styled left-wing publications like the Guardian and, most shocking of all, the Labour party itself which, it would later be revealed, sabotaged Corbyn’s chance of becoming Prime Minister.

Naturally, the corporate media appears to have been silent on The Labour Files except, bizarrely, the Express.

Fingers in ears for corporate media

Some corporate journalists have mentioned it on social media. For example, Michael Crick tweeted:

The Guardian‘s Owen Jones was shocked – saying The Labour Files’ claims about an infamous Panorama documentary on antisemitism in the Labour Party were “extremely serious”:

However, former journalist Josh Funnell reminded him that he and The Canary exposed this over three years ago:

Of course, the story here is the same as it always is. Corbyn supporters and independent media like The Canary knew, and said, what was going on years ago. Now, the establishment lackeys feign shock – when they either turned a blind-eye previously, or actively colluded in the scandal.

So, it’s been left to independent UK media and international outlets to report on the story – again.

Independent media: The Labour Files

Inside Croydon ran several articles, noting the South London-based politicians implicated, including Labour’s general secretary David Evans. North East Bylines called The Labour Files “compelling”. Novara Media discussed the show in two episodes of Tysky Sour.

SKWAWKBOX gave perhaps the most coverage to The Labour Files. As it wrote:

We are not in a functioning democracy and the rest of the UK ‘mainstream’ media will either ignore, or actively collude in covering up, the vicious, racist, misogynist and blatantly anti-democratic behaviour of what is now the so-called ‘Labour’ regime

This is true. But what The Labour Files has also cemented is that the corporate media in the UK is broken. It is complicit in what the documentary revealed. And now it is actively trying to bury the revelations about its role. Fortunately, independent media in the UK is still alive and kicking – and it will not let the truth be forgotten.

Featured image via Al Jazeera English – YouTube

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    1. What should we glean from this? Jeremy Corbyn cannot be considered a subversive socialist, given his long record of craven Labour party loyalty and his recent display of deference to the aristocracy after the queen’s demise. Yet his support for the Palestinian people and his weak references to possibly, maybe, perhaps at some point in the indefinite future withdrawing the UK from NATO were enough to render him unelectable in the eyes of the Labour executive. The lesson ought to be that Labour will never be a solution to capitalist exploitation of the working class and does not deserve our votes.

    2. Clearly the British Establishment are terrified that a Labour Party that represents the electorate will reduce them to the sidelines. Jeremy Corbyn is the center of their fear as he is honest and fair, something they cannot comprehend.

      It is clear to me that a covert coup by Zionist elements has subverted the Labour Party and what it was created for. The Zionist supported establishment member Kier Starmer is a pawn being played by his Zionist supporters. he is a fake. A front for the Zionists as they undermine the fabric of Britain.

      I am tired and frustrated by the constant and unrelenting cries of “anti-semitism” when ever anyone criticizes Israeli policies as they relate to the apartheid state they have imposed in Palestine.

      One can see why people have been critical of Jews over the centuries but that is not a fair position to take. I am sure most Jewish people are kind, honest people that wish to be accepted and assimilate in their societies. I am fortunate to have several Jewish friends that share this opinion with me. Unfortunately the zealots in their midst are undermining them as much these these current Zionist zealots are undermining the British Labour party.

      While I look forward to the demise of the Tory Party and look forward to Labour winning the next general Election, I am extremely concerned about how the Party will act with a Zionist cabal running things from behind taken seat warmers like Starmer.

      I would trust Corbyn with my life. I wouldn’t even trust Starmer with my wallet.

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