Twitter users busted Cameron committing a cringeworthy act of Photoshop patriotism (Tweets)

Kerry-anne Mendoza

Twitter users have caught David Cameron committing a truly cringeworthy act of Photoshop patriotism. In the perfect metaphor for his fake national pride, David Cameron had a poppy photoshopped onto an existing image of himself to appear authentically patriotic as Remembrance Day approaches.

Needless to say, Twitter set alight when the gaffe was discovered.

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And since then, the floodgates have opened as Twitter users lined up to mock Cameron.

Then there was this…

And of course, the inevitable finally happened.

Cameron’s comms team quickly scrambled to cover the mess.

But something tells us the damage is already done. Every now and then, a minor gaffe serves to epitomise the failures of a politician. Neil Kinnock falling over on the beach, Thatcher snatching the milk, John Redwood ballsing up the Welsh national anthem. This gaff by Number 10 has summed up Cameron’s photoshop patriotism. Talking big on British Values, while undermining the very best which the country has to offer – public service, sharing our wealth, compassion to our neighbours and a friendly welcome to newcomers.

Featured Image via Twitter

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