93-year-old WW2 veteran launches rallying cry to oust Cameron (VIDEO, TWEETS)

Ed Sykes

Harry Leslie Smith is a second world war RAF veteran. He has written extensively about austerity, the depression in the 1930s, and the war. Now, he has called on David Cameron to resign, insisting that citizens have the strength and willpower to get the job done.

Cameron has had his most turbulent week yet as Prime Minister. First, the leaking of the Panama Papers revealed his millionaire father to have been a tax dodger. Then, he stuttered when trying to give a satisfactory response. And now, he has admitted profiting from tax avoidance. This has seen anger grow significantly in Britain, and the #ResignCameron hashtag has been trending on Twitter.

Smith has joined this debate, explaining why he thinks Cameron should step down as Prime Minister:

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With mass protests in Iceland forcing the Icelandic Prime Minister to step down over his exposure in the Panama Papers, and France in the middle of a growing protest movement, Smith was asked by RT on 7 April if this sort of anger would be seen in England against Cameron. He said:

Yes… the English people have the guts, and they have the stamina, and they have the will to see a better England built – with money which they are entitled to but not getting

See the full video here:

A day later, he followed this up by saying:

And it seems many Brits agree. Thousands upon thousands are expected to descend upon London on 9 April to call for Cameron’s resignation.

Get involved!

Join the protest in London on Saturday 9 April. Many thousands are expected to attend.

– Check out this page on Facebook, calling for David Cameron to resign.

Sign this petition calling for a snap general election, and show the government that you aren’t prepared to see it in power for four more years.

– Write to your MP demanding action be taken over tax avoidance.

– Follow Harry Leslie Smith on Twitter here.

– Learn about our tax system at Tax Research UK.

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