This brilliant lip sync is cracking everybody up, except Dave and Boris (VIDEO)

Kerry-anne Mendoza

Mash-up artist SwedeMason strikes again with a video lip synced so beautifully that Britons everywhere are weeping with joy. We’re not even worried about over-selling it, it’s brilliant.

Centred on the increasingly embarrassing gulf between Cameron and his fellow Oxford alumnus Boris Johnson, the video has the pair lip sync to the song ‘Baby Come Back’ – originally sung by The Equals.

But this time, it’s sung by Boris and Dave, using excerpts from their speeches mashed together to have them appear to sing a revised set of lyrics.

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In this version, Cameron sings ‘Boris Come Back’, while the Mayor of London and wannabe Conservative party leader Boris Johnson plays hard to get.

Thousands of people have taken to social media to share the video, and the fact that they can’t stop watching it.

It takes a terrifying level of skill and effort to produce a lip sync mash up this good. So without further ado, enjoy.

Featured Image via Screengrab

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