While the press trounce the junior doctors, social media tells the real story (TWEETS)

Steve Topple

You’d be forgiven today for thinking that the UK media was in fact run by the Conservative government, as an all-out propaganda war on the junior doctors’ strike commenced with zeal.

But our ever reliable social media was there to counter the bias. Taking on the British press is no mean feat – but our keyboard warriors did us and the doctors proud. Take a look:

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What’s this Radio Four? Taking the Health Secretary’s word as gospel? Someone wasn’t impressed by your coverage…

Hands up if you’ve ever heard of the Bath Chronicle?

The BBC’s Norman Smith let us know what the Prime Minister thought.

Some of the replies to this were brilliant.


No to be outdone:

The Daily Mail doing what it does best. Fear! Hysteria! Scaremongering! We’re surprised they didn’t link the strike to Diana or the weather.

Someone decided to reply with something called “The Truth”.

Where would we be without The Sun putting its two-pennies-worth in?

A helpful Tweeter explained the contract for The Sun with a simple diagram.

Here’s BBC Radio 4 again. Asking for some sympathy for Mr. Hunt

This Tweeter did not appear to have any small violins available.

This was generally the theme for the day. The media trotting out the lines that “patients were at risk”. That “emergency care” wasn’t covered. That the “militant” doctors were dangerous.

All of this nonsense of course. As the BMA and NHS England both clearly stipulated, emergency care is fully covered and any appointments postponed (not “cancelled”) are routine ones. We are witnessing an all-out propaganda war by a complicit and servile media left flaccid and sycophantic after numerous self-induced scandals.

The junior doctors’ dispute is not about pay and it’s about more than an un-costed, unsafe and untested contract.

It’s about the very future of the NHS in this country as the Conservatives would like nothing more than to sell-off our health service to their corporate chums in the City.

Make no mistake – we need to stand resolutely with our junior doctors today, tomorrow and for however long it takes.

And judging by social media? No one is backing down.

Get involved!

Donate to the “Justice for Health” campaign.

Join some action in your local area.


Featured image via LS Photos/Flickr

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