BREAKING: David Cameron’s campaign hit by disaster on the day of the referendum


The Conservative campaign headquarters have flooded. With the EU referendum on a knife edge, it is the last thing David Cameron and the Tories need.

Torrential rain is causing havoc on the day Britain is due to make a landmark decision of whether to continue its membership of the EU. Voter turnout may be threatened by flooded roads and train delays.

Here is an email from Conservative Campaign HQ, warning visitors about the flooding:

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From: Conservative Campaign Headquarters
Subject: Access to Lower Ground Floor

There is no access to the lower ground floor at Matthew Parker Street due to flooding. Seating arrangements will be made on the Upper floor.

Flooding has hit parts of London and the South East, while some polling stations have been forced to close. In London last night, a months worth of rain fell in a couple of hours. Several tube stations across the capital were closed due to the floods.

Writer Will Black has an amusing insight on the chaos:

Some of the final polls before the referendum show Remain with a slight lead, but many are reporting that the result is ‘too close to call’. Despite how close the polls are, traders are predicting an 81% chance of Remain and the financial markets are ‘surprisingly calm’.

Stepping back from the data, the signs point to a Remain victory. The Brexit camp has become a symbol of xenophobia and isolationism, especially in the final run up to the vote. Nigel Farage’s immigration fearmongering, including posters reminiscent of Nazi Germany, is enough to put anyone off.

While these tactics will work on some, the Brexit vote needs another dimension to it in order to secure progressive, ‘left-wing’ votes. The Remain camp has this with support from Corbyn’s Labour.

The tragic murder of Jo Cox MP also functioned as a boost for Remain.

The referendum has become more about voting against these toxic, divisive ideas, and in favour of unity, than about the state of the EU itself.

Still, nothing is set in stone, and these floods are damaging the heart of Cameron’s campaign.

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