Theresa May responds to the million signature petition to cancel Trump’s state visit, and it’s not good

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Theresa May has responded to the million-plus-signature-strong petition against the planned state visit of President Trump.

The state visit is happening

The Prime Minister says she remains “very happy” to host Donald Trump. Number 10 confirmed the visit would still go ahead, insisting:

we look forward to hosting the President later this year.

The source also stated that cancelling the visit would be nothing more than a “populist gesture”.

The Muslim ban

President Trump’s Executive Order bans entry to the US for citizens from seven Muslim-majority countries. The ban has affected those with green cards. Even those who have been resident in the US for decades will be banned from returning home from foreign holidays.

The list of banned countries includes Iraq, Syria, Yemen, and several other countries the US is actively engaged in bombing at the moment. Leading to accusations that America is happy to make the mess, but not to clean it up. It is also worth noting that there has not been a single terror attack committed on US soil by a refugee.

Conversely, Saudi Arabia is not on the list, despite being the home of all 19 hijackers on 9/11.

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Muslims returning home from holidays, or making their first trip to the US having secured a visa, found themselves interned at US airports on Saturday 28 January. They included a 5-year-old Iranian boy who was detained for hours without a guardian present, and an Iraqi interpreter who helped US forces during the invasion of Iraq.

Across the US, thousands of citizens rallied at airports to call for the release of those interned by Trump’s Executive Order.

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) sued Donald Trump over the ban and sent lawyers to represent the interned. Americans have now donated over $19m to the ACLU to support their efforts.

While a federal judge has been able to stay Trump’s order for now, there is no guarantee of what happens at the next stage. Some border agents have also ignored the federal court order.

Britain says no

Condemnation of the ban began to pour in from concerned leaders around the world. Theresa May, meanwhile, was in Turkey, attempting to secure a trade deal with another world leader in the throes of becoming a dictator. President Erdoğan is rapidly dismantling Turkey’s secular democracy in favour of an authoritarian system. He has been jailing civic leaders, journalists, and other opponents.

While cheering an arms deal with the tyrant at a new press conference in Turkey, May repeatedly refused to condemn the US President for his Muslim ban.

The response was swift and furious at home, with people calling on Theresa May to either change her position or resign.

More than a million people and counting have signed a petition calling for President Trump’s state visit to be cancelled. MPs from all parties have joined the call.

They think it’s all over…

The leaders of France, Germany, Canada, Mexico and elsewhere have condemned Donald Trump’s Muslim ban in no uncertain terms. In fact, sports company Nike put out a stronger statement of condemnation on behalf of athlete Mo Farah, who was facing being unable to return to his family in Oregon.

Against this backdrop, the Prime Minister is being derided on social media as Theresa The Appeaser, and Appeaser May.

Theresa May has disgraced Britain before the entire world. She has no place in Number 10 Downing Street.

Get Involved!

– Sign the petition to cancel Donald Trump’s state visit.

– Join the emergency demonstration against the Muslim Ban at 6pm Monday 30 January.

– Contact your MP.

– See more TrumpWatch articles at The Canary Global.

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