Tory supporters are abusing a left-wing journalist. But the right-wing media are silent [TWEETS]

Owen Jones
Tom Wall

Guardian journalist Owen Jones has revealed the vile homophobic abuse he suffers every day at the hands of Conservative Party supporters.

Jones said he was making the intimidation public to expose the double standards of the right-wing media and the Tories. He posted a selection of abusive messages he gets every day on Twitter. They include homophobic slurs such as “gay c*nt” and “fag”:

He claimed he had checked their accounts and they all come from supporters of the Conservative Party. He also revealed that he had been threatened in the street during the general election campaign. But no media outlets have demanded that Conservative PM Theresa May distance herself from the actions of the online Tory trolls.

Tory trolls

This is in marked contrast to the coverage of the supposed abuses by alleged Jeremy Corbyn supporters. The Daily Mail reported on 12 June that May had called on Corbyn to condemn “bullying and harassment”:

Daily Mail Front Page Labour

And it’s not just The Daily Mail. ITV reported on 12 June that Corbyn had failed to explicitly condemn attacks made by his supporters. Even though he has repeatedly condemned personal attacks:

Weaponising abuse

Jones said all political abuse should be taken seriously. But he accused the right-wing media of “weaponising the issue” by only talking about Corbyn supporters. He said actions of a tiny minority of Twitter users were being used to smear the left as a whole:

It seems that May and her friends in the media are not interested in dealing with the scourge of racist, homophobic and sexist abuse. They just want to discredit and undermine the left. Perhaps that is because Corbyn’s Labour poses a real threat to the rich and powerful for the first time in decades.

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