Far-right ‘journalist’ Milo Yiannopoulos fell for fake news live on air. Enjoy. [VIDEO]

Milo Yiannopoulos
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The far-right vlogger and journalist Milo Yiannopoulos fell for a fake news story while recording his latest YouTube show. And unfortunately for him, it was a live-streamed event. So it will be forever etched into the internet’s history.

Oh, Milo…

The controversial former Breitbart senior editor recorded the vlog, called The Milo Show, on Monday 15 January. From 38 minutes in, he introduced a story:

Today, in feminist clown world, and I’m going to read a news story… that has been sent to me… I’ve looked around, everyone’s covered this, I’ve looked into… this, I promise this is real, this is not some conspiratorial thing, I haven’t just made it up, this is a real thing, from England – and America, this is coming to you. You’re next…

Yiannopoulos then proceeded to read the story in full. It was about a man who won a landmark legal case against the NHS. He was allegedly awarded £150,000 in compensation after the NHS refused to give him a cervical smear test. The judge in the case reportedly said:

It is the judgement of this court that such a cavalier attitude by the NHS is a direct attack and insult towards anyone who is campaigning for gender equality in the United Kingdom.

Yiannopoulos spent over four minutes discussing the story:

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But oddly, at no point did he realise the somewhat obvious: that the story was a satirical piece from Southend News Network.

It’s Mr Vulva, to you…

The Canary caught up with Southend News Network creator Simon Harris. He said:

It is no longer a surprise when someone like Milo falls for one of our stories because a number of right and far-right outlets have done the same in the past – especially Ms Hopkins and the M25 incident. I think that the cynics amongst us will say that Milo may have known that it was fake but also that he knew it would get the desired ‘rise’ out of his audience.

Saying that, he kept saying that he had verified it elsewhere, which unfortunately for him wasn’t quite true as a number of other media outlets were running a similar story about NHS guidelines for trans cervical screening… just without a guy whose surname was Vulva…

Yiannopoulos covered in Angel Delight?

Harris said that, on a scale of one to 10, it gives him an “eight” to rattle the mainstream and right-wing media, “unless it’s The S*n… that was a 10+ with Butterscotch Angel Delight”.

The Canary tried to find out whether Yiannopoulos had admitted on social media that the story was fake. But then we remembered he’d been permanently banned from Twitter in 2016. Suffice to say, the right-wing vlogger may be slightly more cautious when sourcing stories from “feminist clown world” in the future. Or he possibly just doesn’t care either way.

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