Labour has the perfect response to Jo Swinson’s terrible take on Jeremy Corbyn

Jo Swinson
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Liberal Democrat leader Jo Swinson has adopted an extreme opposition to Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party since assuming her role earlier this year. And on 13 October, she kept up her sectarian stance by again suggesting that there’s no way she’d ever work with Corbyn. Labour’s response to this, meanwhile, was pure gold.

Sky‘s Sophy Ridge asked Swinson:

Are there any circumstances that you would back a Jeremy Corbyn government?

Swinson answered:


Labour’s knockout response

The Labour Party’s press team on Twitter responded brilliantly to Swinson’s latest assertion of Lib Dem inflexibility. Echoing a point that many critics have been ensuring Britain doesn’t forget, it said:

Shadow home secretary Diane Abbott also hammered this home, tweeting:

The Lib Dems haven’t just taken an extreme position on Corbyn, though. Because it’s the same with Brexit, with them promising to revoke Article 50 and just ignore UK voters who opted to leave the EU. They’re also welcoming Tories with terrible records into their party as long as they back this anti-Brexit mission.

Never forget Swinson’s appalling record of backing austerity

Swinson herself, meanwhile, has a terrible record of supporting the Tories’ ideological austerity – from opposing higher taxes for the super-rich to backing privatisation and welfare cuts. In short, she helped to prop up a vicious regime which oversaw skyrocketing food bank usageattacked some of the most vulnerable people in Britain, and managed the decline of the NHS. The government’s public health spending cuts alone reportedly led to over 130,000 premature deaths in the UK. And a 2018 UN investigation found that “14 million people, a fifth of the population” now “live in poverty”.

The Lib Dems may hope that their hardline Brexit position is enough to save them from electoral irrelevance and make people forget their role in destroying Britain with austerity. But statistics show that around half of the British population don’t feel strongly about either Leave or Remain and prioritise other issues instead. And Corbyn’s Labour isn’t just trying to unite British people by pledging to let them choose between a Brexit deal or remaining in the EU; it’s also got bold and exciting policies on the issues most people really care about.

By dogmatically opposing Corbyn at every turn, Swinson is saying much more about herself than she is about him.

Featured image via Ridge on Sunday

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    1. Lets put this another way, say a river is close to breaking its banks and will flood a village. Everyone in the village decides to reinforce the river banks with sandbags and anything else that is available. There is one exception , a small close, closest to the river bank, which is also most prone to flooding, is a person who refuses to help, as another villager will be working who happens to also be suppling the sand and the sandbags. Not only that she has persuaded the other residents of the close to join her in not helping. You have to be a particular kind of mental deficient to keep that point of view. Still we live in hope that the person will be washed down the river of political irrelevance sooner rather than later.

    2. She’s been bought. I would guess by wealthy supporters of Blair. Probably took no more than half a million. Nobody ideologically dislikes a good person that intensely unless it’s pathological or economic, and apart from her pathological lying she doesn’t seem otherwise mentally challenged.

    3. With Jo Swindle it’s obvious the lights are on but there’s no-one home. I believe that if you look up Gormless in the dictionary you will see her picture. Between her and Bogus Johnson there’s nothing worth voting for. They are the most fatuous couple on earth, with the possible exception of IQ45 and his gormless wife.

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