The DUP grabs another eye-watering sum from Theresa May, then threatens her Brexit deal anyway

Theresa May & Arlene Foster

The Conservatives’ autumn budget included another payout of nearly £1bn for Northern Ireland, but it didn’t recieve much coverage in the mainstream media. Critics, such as those in the SNP, say the money is clearly for “buying DUP votes” for Theresa May’s Brexit deal.

£1bn squandered?

Now the DUP may well refuse to vote through May’s EU withdrawal agreement anyway. That’s mainly because the customs arrangement appears to breach DUP red lines on receiving the same treatment as the rest of the UK. DUP sources, meanwhile, have reportedly said that May hasn’t upheld her end of their minority government agreement and the DUP is apparently calling for her to go.

The new £1bn for Northern Ireland reportedly came on top of the additional £1bn the DUP initially received to prop up the government after the Conservatives lost their majority in 2017.

General election

Without the support of the DUP, May no longer has a working majority government. On top of that, the prime minister is “likelyfacing a confidence vote from Conservative MPs that could see her ousted as leader. If May wins, MPs cannot challenge the prime minister’s leadership for another year, forcing the Conservatives to enter a potential general election under May, unless she resigns.

Brexit has been undeliverable since May’s 2017 general election failure. The lack of a parliamentary majority for any solution to the Irish border problem, among other things, means the process has been an exercise in futility. The way to solve parliamentary deadlock is through a general election. We need one. Now.

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