Boris Johnson is putting his political career ahead of people’s lives

Coronavirus and Boris Johnson to represent long Covid
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UK prime minister Boris Johnson has agreed to end ‘Plan B’ protection measures for England. Those measures include compulsory face coverings in many indoor venues, working from home if possible, and coronavirus (Covid-19) passes for certain settings.

This is despite preliminary research from Israel suggesting that even with a fourth jab, there’s only limited defence against the Omicron variant. There’s also a new, albeit small, study that suggests the number of days people could remain infectious is higher than thought.

Politics not science

Wearing of face masks will become voluntary from 24 January, but there will be a price to pay:

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Independent SAGE member professor Christina Pagel argues that face coverings should be retained:

Meanwhile the British Medical Association made it clear that by lifting protective measures, the UK government is placing “the public at greater risk”:

Economy comes first

On 17 January, the government issued the following ruling for England in regard to people testing positive from coronavirus:

You can stop self-isolating at the start of day 6 if you get 2 negative rapid lateral flow test results on days 5 and 6 and do not have a temperature. Tests must be at least 24 hours apart. If either test is positive, wait 24 hours before testing again.

It’s understood the reason for these changes is to help ensure that people return to work earlier, especially given staff shortages from sickness in the NHS.

However, a published clinical study provides evidence that some people may remain infectious for much longer than five days. Researchers at Exeter University claim one in ten people are still coronavirus positive after five days, and infection can last beyond 10 days if not several weeks.

They explain that PCR tests look for viral fragments, but the tests can’t confirm whether a person is still infectious. However the researchers applied a modified PCR in their study that gives a positive result if coronavirus is still active and capable of onward transmission.

Professor Lorna Harries, one of the researchers, further explained:

While this is a relatively small study, our results suggest that potentially active virus may sometimes persist beyond a 10-day period, and could pose a potential risk of onward transmission.

Professor Lawrence Young of Warwick Medical School, another of the researchers, commented:

This study reinforces concerns that reducing the self-isolation period to five days will increase the risk of highly infectious people spreading infection as they return to work or school.

The researchers want to conduct larger trials and to investigate further.

Questions about fourth jab

In December 2021, it was reported that the third (i.e. booster) jab’s protection against the Omicron variant wanes after only 10 weeks and a fourth jab may be required. Though it appears the booster “is “more likely” to remain effective against the most severe hospital cases of Omicron”.

However, preliminary findings in Israel suggest a fourth vaccine is only partially effective against Omicron. This resulted from a trial whereby patients who had previously had three jabs were administered a fourth jab – of either the Pfizer-BioNtech or the Moderna vaccine.

Although director of Israel’s Health Ministry Dr Nahman Ash explained this doesn’t mean a fourth vaccine is of no value:

[The fourth vaccine] returns the level of antibodies to what it was at the beginning of the third booster. That has great importance, especially among the older population.

Meanwhile the European Medicines Agency recommends that a fourth booster should best be applied yearly at the onset of the cold season.

Other concerns

There remain negligible safety measures in primary schools, which might explain the rising number of children being hospitalised:

And there are still no vaccinations available for primary school children, says Pagel:

PM losing it

Johnson’s determination to open the economy comes at a time when he’s under siege from the partygate scandal. So it’s not surprising he’s the object of ridicule:

At the same time, the Tory party is facing accusations of blackmail and intimidation against MPs who seek a vote of no confidence in Johnson’s leadership:

This is the opposite of ‘pork barrelling‘ and involves claims of threats to withhold finance to constituencies of MPs who won’t back the government.

Labour MP Chris Bryant, chair of the Commons Standards Committee, commented:

The allocation of taxpayer funding to constituencies should be according to need, not according to the need to keep the Prime Minister in his job.

Punishing an MP for not toeing the party line is one thing, but allegedly punishing entire constituencies to keep the government in power is another. These alleged threats could amount to criminal conduct and the possibility of prosecutions.

Ghost of Neville Chamberlain

But in the end, it’s all about Johnson, says Pagel:

Meanwhile, former Conservative cabinet minister David Davis tore into Johnson during Prime Minister’s Questions. Davis referenced a speech by Leo Amery in May 1940 in which he demands that Neville Chamberlain, who history portrays as an appeaser of Adolf Hitler, relinquish his position as prime minister:

You have sat too long here for any good you have been doing. Depart, I say, and let us have done with you. In the name of God, go

Johnson is literally fighting to save his political life. Ordinary folk, meanwhile, are literally fighting off the virus to save their actual lives.

Featured image via Pixabay – Tumisu / YouTube – ITV News

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    1. Of course, Mr Johnson is behaving in the self serving way in which he has always behaved. He is a shit and has always been a shit and the sooner he goes the better. However, there are very many people who for a variety of selfish reasons are enabling him to remain as prime minister – Downing St staff, Conservative MPs and advisers, almost all of the media, especially the BBC, for whom he is still ‘Boris’ and ‘Boris is just being Boris, isn’t he?’

    2. The problem we have in great britain is that boris was imposed upon us, he was not elected he does not work for great britain, or the citizens. He is a past pupil of the klaus schwab school of future leders. He works for the zionist rothchild central bankers, who own the covid scamdemic, who own the UN Agenda21. Who own the EU which is transforming into the communist rule one world government. .which will be a rerun of the rothchilds communist russia., which they imposed on russia in 1917, by sending trotsky from america to russia, to over throw the tsar of russia and install or create the bolshevic revolution, which led to the communist revolution. Trotsky, lenin, stalin, were all jews nt russians. As most think. Stalin was from talin in georgia eastern europe. WE WEere all lied to about the wars in europe, who illed who, who owned the death camps, who comitted a crime against humanity who created holomodor, which was before ww2. The most people died before ww2.

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