Army soldiers are using Jeremy Corbyn’s face for target practice

Jeremy Corbyn at the Scottish Labour conference

The British army is reportedly investigating after a video emerged of soldiers apparently using an image of Jeremy Corbyn’s face for target practice. The now deleted video appears to show soldiers simulation rounds at an image of the Labour leader.

Former sergeant Trevor Coult shared and then deleted the clip. Coult claimed the image had been photoshopped, but Sky News defence correspondent Alistair Bunkall says the Ministry of Defence has now confirmed it’s genuine.

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Another former solider said:

Sky News believes that the video was taken in Kabul, Afghanistan. Bunkall quoted an army spokesperson:

We are aware of a video circulating on social media, this behaviour is totally unacceptable and falls well below the high standards the Army expects, a full investigation has been launched.

“Deeply dangerous”

On social media, people condemned the video:

“Attack on our democratic process”

The footage comes shortly after the conviction of John Murphy for assaulting the Labour leader. Chief magistrate Emma Arbuthnot sentenced Murphy to 28 days in prison on 25 March. She said:

An attack like this is an attack on our democratic process. This is a public servant and attacks on MPs must stop. The message must go out – this must stop.

CCTV footage shows Murphy hitting Corbyn on the side of the head while holding an egg at the Muslim Welfare House near Finsbury park.

And there is further context to the army video. A far-right terrorist murdered Labour MP Jo Cox on 16 June 2016. And terrorist Darren Osborne wanted to kill Labour leader Corbyn. A judge sentenced Osborne to life in prison for driving a van into a crowd of Muslim people at Finsbury Park shortly after the 2017 general election.

Featured image via YouTube – ScottishLabourParty

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    1. sickening If Corbyn was PM he wouldn’t send these poor folks off to imperial wars where they are pawns in a colonial game and would help them with PTSD ulike Blair.Cameron,Brown and Thatcher. this is sick. they should be discharged and more proof the deep state will not allow Corbyn and the anti-imperialist/war movement get to Number 10

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