Jeremy Corbyn gives message of hope while criticising Labour leadership

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Former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has told young people they “don’t have to live without power or without hope”. But he warned that the current leadership of the party was “turning its back” on the opportunity for change.

Speaking to a Young Labour rally at the party conference in Brighton, the former leader criticised the current leadership. And he claimed that while members were promised unity, “instead we are given division”.

According to details released ahead of the event, Corbyn said:

Our movement has the ideas to change the world for the better. I look around this room at the energy and enthusiasm of young people, and I’m given great hope.

You are a generation that won’t just put up with what you’re given – insecurity, a dying planet and grotesque inequality. You know that you don’t have to live without power or without hope. When we come together, we know that things can and they will change.

‘The Tories have been given a free pass”

He told Young Labour, which is on the left of the party, that “our party’s leadership seems to be turning its back on that hope for a more equal, democratic and sustainable future”.

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He said:

In the last leadership election, our members and unions were promised unity, but instead we are given division. We were promised 10 pledges – and where are they?

We were promised effective opposition, but instead the Tories have been given a free pass time and again.

Empowerment was promised to our movement, not stitching up the rules for future leadership elections to prevent the Labour Party truly standing for the many, not the few.

“If our leadership won’t… our movement must”

Corbyn said that although Starmer’s planned changes to leadership election had been dropped “we have seen the leadership’s true colours”. The plans were dropped after fierce opposition from unions.

He added:

If we want the Labour Party to be a vehicle to win elections to confront the climate emergency and redistribute wealth and power to the many from the few, then we need to come together and get organised.

There is another way forward, for the Labour Party and Britain, that is based in peace and justice, in the policies the majority of people actually want, not what the establishment and its media mouthpieces insist they should want.

If our leadership won’t champion that path, our movement must and will.

Corbyn had the party whip removed in November 2020 and still remains an MP as an independent candidate. Over the past year, Starmer is said to have orchestrated a sustained campaign to purge Labour of left wing members.

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    1. The working class have been undermined at each turn & struggle that they make in their desire to improve their standards of living. The neoliberal few are still manipulating the many to profit for their own ends. They manipulate the banking system, the two main political parties, the main stream media, and the law. When will the people rise up ?. What will it take?

      Everybody saw that Jeremy Corbyn achieved massive support from the people, which tells us they want change away from the neoliberal manipulators.

      The answer?

      The emergence of strong socialist leadership.

      A new socialist political party.

      Strong socialist unions.

      All inspiring and giving hope back to the working class, so that they may recognise their inherent and overwhelming power.

      That through the ballot box, they can exercise that power, and finally rid themselves of the neoliberal shackles that bind them.

    2. Proletarius I have copied and pasted this reply from a previous reply to you, but on return you VANISHED!

      Jeremy spent 4y 3m relentlessly planting Rose Bushes, the early Roses, Laura P, Laura S, Zarah, Apsana, Bel, Claudia, etc and if the trend of powerful women with thunder in their words continue from the millions of Roses he planted and we have a Party with an all women cabinet all the better as far as I am concerned, for Politics and the World!
      One thing the many must hold on to is that it is only logical that there are FAR MORE of us than them and their Clingons! Forget about the vote results and polls, it’s all owned and paid for by them!
      They are easily manipulated all that they have is the addiction of most to their commercialised, materialist crap and propaganda, with that they bought our Consent Manufactured by their crap!
      SAY! NO MORE! We have to stop buying their crap unnecessarily, only because the telly told you so!
      #NEEDoverWANT Revolution!
      1. #BoycottAllMSM! ALL OF IT!
      2. Only own what you NEED!
      3. Only replace it if it can’t be fixed any more!
      4. Boycott ANYTHING unscrupulous and their Manufacturers/Supermarkets/etc not just that one product!
      5. Make a vow that this will be your way of life, until the Empires of War Pigs Crumble and The People are free, North Pole to South Pole!
      WE are the MANY!
      THEY are the FEW!

    3. If it is true, as I believe, that the KS machine has suspended/expelled conf. delegates, some just 3 days prior to conf on the grounds of ‘anti-semitism’ or other unproven wrongs, and it just so happens that those delegates were likely to have voted at conf for left-wing policies, then KS is a disgrace and unfit to lead the party, or even belong to it. I would like to see (somehow) a list of delegates so prevented from taking part in determining our party’s future policies. Again, if true, what won’t the do-little leader stoop to?

    4. Why must people like JC always insist that the fight is to be had within the Labour Party? It’s about time they realised that that is the lefts Afganistan. Unwinnable.
      What is needed is a threefold attack on the neo-con/neo-libs.

      1) All true socialists/social democrats to quit Labour.
      2) A putting aside of petty squabbles over doctorine by the likes of the SP, SWP and CP.
      3) A brand new Social Democratic Workers Party incorporating all the left/centre left groups, along with the independent unions.

      Let us remember that in todays world those that consider themselves “the workers” also now includes many in lower management. And also that vast swathes of the workers do not consider themselves socialists. So any new political party that represents the workers should reflect this.
      For example. Support for freedom of movement, but with the add-on that those that come and live here should have (or be taught) a basic grasp of English. That the minimum wage should be set at the real living wage level and not some pie in the sky figure. Support for renters and first-time buyers and a levy on additional property ownership. An environmental strategy that is not only radical but sensibly achieveable. Rewards for companies that allow flexi-time working for their emloyees, hand-in-hand with protection for flexi-time workers from discrimination.

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